Europa may have plate tectonics similar to those on Earth

Europa planet

GETTY PRIORITY Europa is high on NASA's list for potential life

Scientists at the Brown University in the United States have claimed that Jupiter's moon Europa has alien life on it.

The movement of tectonic plates produces the energy needed for life, and Europa has an ice surface, but researchers say this point cannot deny the fact that subduction or movement of the plates can happen. As per reports, Europa's icy surface means that heat can not be the driving force, but the researchers say that it does not mean subduction can not happen.

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Last month, a UFO was spotted on both Google Maps and Google Earth. In a bid to communicate with these extraterrestrial beings, astronomers at the Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI) organization sent a signal to space some 12.4 light years away.

"We have this evidence of extension and spreading, so the question becomes where does that material go?" said Brandon Johnson, Assistant Professor at Brown University in the U.S. and a lead author of the study. "What we show is that under reasonable assumptions for conditions on Europa, subduction could be happening there as well, which is really exciting", Johnson said. "Thinking from the standpoint of comparative planetology, if we can now study plate tectonics in this very different place, it might be able to help us understand how plate tectonics got started on the Earth".

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Meanwhile, Goddard Space Flight Centre of NASA in Maryland reportedly found evidence that Pluto could also support life. Lead author Prabal Saxena said, "These objects need to be considered as potential reservoirs of water and life".

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