Hackers Steal Over $75 Million in Bitcoin from NiceHash

Looks like NiceHash was hacked to the tune of US$60Million, one of cryptocurrency's biggest losses

BREAKING: Nicehash HACKED - now over $62 Million sits in hackers Bitcoin wallet!

The NiceHash website displays that "Service Unavailable".

In a situation like this, there's really only one thing NiceHash can do to get the money back - catch the hacker.

Two hours later, a user by the name of Erik Callesen posted an image showing an outgoing transaction he claimed he did not make.

I might be enjoying the attractive Maui for Qualcomm and their Snapdragon Tech Summit in Hawaii, but I woke to news from my good friend and fellow miner Keith May from WCCFTech messaging me this morning that NiceHash had possibly been hacked.

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Callesen added that $56 million had been sent to one bitcoin wallet address.

Many other users responded to the company's maintenance tweet, saying that they had money stolen.

Kobal said that on 6 December, hackers infiltrated NiceHash's systems through a compromised company computer.

While NiceHash had not yet announced the total number of bitcoins stolen by the hackers at the time of the breach, company marketing executive NiceHash Andrej Škraba told Reuters that they had been the victim of "a highly professional" heist that yielded about 4,700 bitcoin, which at the time of the theft was valued at over $63 million.

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There have been at least three dozen heists of cryptocurrency exchanges since 2011; numerous hacked exchanges later shut down, most notably Mt. Gox, which was the world's largest bitcoin trading exchange when it went under in 2014.

Clearly, this is a matter of deep concern and we are working hard to rectify the matter in the coming days.

Approximately 4,700 Bitcoin was stolen from a Bitcoin wallet, an online app that stores the crypto. NiceHash will continue to update us on their endeavors into the matter and encourages all users to change their online passwords.

In addition to conducting an internal investigation, NiceHash said that they have reported the incident to "relevant authorities and law enforcement" and are "co-operating with them as a matter of urgency". NiceHash says it will relaunch itself with improved security "at the earliest opportunity".

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