LEGO Group wins copyright case against clone brands in China

Lego won a landmark case against a pair of companies in China that made and sold toys almost identical to the LEGO Friends range but using the brand Bela, said the Danish toymaker.

It was also decided by that court that Lego is protected by the China anti-unfair competition law for its unique and distinctive appearance of specific product lines, and in the case of this lawsuit LEGO Friends.

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Lego, whose name is derived from the Danish "leg godt" meaning "play well", is competing with Barbie maker Mattel and Hasbro for a slice of the Chinese market.

The case had been filed against a pair of Chinese companies that were making as well as selling their products under the Bela brand that had been almost identical to most of the LEGO Friends toys.

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In China, the court first issued a decision under which the two companies from China that copies the toys were forbidden to produce and sell products that mimic the constructors of the company LEGO.

'We will continue our efforts to ensure that parents and children are able to make informed choices when they are buying toy products, and that they are not misled by attempts by irresponsible companies to make toy products appear as something that they are not, ' Peter Thorslund Kjær, Vice President of Legal Affairs in the LEGO Group, said in a statement following the ruling.

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