Spain arrests suspect wanted in at least 5 killings

A massive manhunt was launched for Feher in April this year after he allegedly shot dead two men in northern Italy

A massive manhunt was launched for Feher in April this year after he allegedly shot dead two men in northern Italy Credit MEGA

A man wanted in Italy for months has been arrested in Spain on suspicion of shooting three people dead there including two police officers.

He is accused of shooting dead a civilian and two Civil Guard police Thursday, a Civil Guard spokesman said. The chief prosecutor in Bologna, Giuseppe Amato, said Friday that Italy will seek Feher's extradition, even while acknowledging that the multiple homicides in two different countries will complicate the request.

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Feher is already being tried in absentia in Italy for violent home-invasion robberies.

Interior Minister Marco Minniti said "thank you to Spanish authorities, to the Carabinieri and our thoughts go out to the victims in Budrio and the victims in Spain".

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Norbert Feher, 36, from Serbia, was arrested overnight near Cantavieja, a town in north-east rural Spain.

Italy had issued a European arrest warrant for Feher for homicides and home invasion robberies. Amato said "the dramatic outcome of his capture with the killing of three people (in Spain) demonstrates not only the dangerousness of the subject but also the absence of scruples". The spokesman did not give his name in line with internal police rules.

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He was the subject of an intense manhunt that lasted months after the April killing of a barman and guard in Italy's northern region of Emilia Romagna.

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