Ibuprofen Could Make Healthy Men In Just Two Weeks

People using ibuprofen for long term pain relief could suffer muscle loss lower libido and depression according to a new study

People using ibuprofen for long term pain relief could suffer muscle loss lower libido and depression according to a new study

A study of nearly 1,000 men tracked for seven years found nearly twice as many with testosterone deficiency - or hypogonadism - died as did those with normal levels.

Men who take relatively high doses of ibuprofen may be at increased risk for fertility problems, early research suggests.

Dr Kristensen said said painkillers such as paracetamol, aspirin and ibuprofen are among the most commonly drugs worldwide. The painkiller users could potentially face prolonged low testosterone levels after the body loses its ability to compensate, leading to a host of health conditions including muscle weakness and loss, low fertility, and other issues.

In March of a year ago Jiri Dvorak, Fifa's former chief medical officer, warned of an "alarming trend" among elite football players to "abuse" legal painkillers such as ibuprofen.

The Consumer Healthcare Products Association, a trade group representing the manufacturers of over-the-counter medications, said it was in support of such research and efforts made to educate consumers.

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Jegou agreed that more study is needed to answer a number of questions, including how low doses of ibuprofen affect male hormones and whether long-term effects are reversible, CNN reported.

'The authors speculate that this could have health implications for such men, given the known links between the disruption of such hormones and cardiovascular disease, diabetes and infertility.

Again, it's important to emphasize this was a really small study that required two weeks of constant ibuprofen use before there was any indication that something was out of the ordinary.

What did change was the testosterone to LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) ratio.

More research is required in order to understand the long-term effects of this medicine on sperm quality, but until then, make sure you keep your ibuprofen use in check. This amount was used to represent the dose taken by athletes to manage pain.

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"The effects were very mild even after six weeks of regular consumption of ibuprofen, which is longer than is usually recommended in practice, so this data should not concern men who occasionally take ibuprofen for pain relief".

In the subjects, the condition was temporary, but study leads told the Guardian it could become a permanent problem in cases of long term overuse.

This is not the first time that ibuprofen has been shown to impact male reproductive health.

After 14 days blood tests showed that there was an 18% decrease in testosterone in those taking ibuprofen.

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