State Schools Chief Lauds Governor's Proposed Budget

Gov. Jerry Brown's budget proposal for 2018-2019 increased funding for the UC's core education fund by 3 percent

Gov. Jerry Brown's budget proposal for 2018-2019 increased funding for the UC's core education fund by 3 percent

"The whole point is to think ahead and minimize the pain that is coming, because of the way our business cycle works", said California Gov. California is now rolling in dough, with a $7.5-billion general fund surplus expected in the next fiscal year.

UC also would receive a 3 percent increase to its general fund under the proposed budget.

The Legislature's Democratic majorities have signaled that they think some of the surplus should be used to bolster social programs, particularly those for the very poor.

The proposal for the project states the target demographic is "students who do not yet have a postsecondary credential and whose schedules do not fit into traditional, classroom-based settings"-though any California resident would be able to take courses and programs at the online college". Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles) put it. "Here, modesty is not good enough. That's my number one proposition", Brown said.

Governor Brown has released his budget proposal for this year.

The much-outnumbered Republican caucuses have their own ideas for the surplus.

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Another $4.6 billion would go toward transportation projects, including $2.8 billion for roads and bridges and $721 million for passenger rail and public transit.

Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger defeated Mr. Davis in the recall election, but he too was consumed with deficits as state coffers were pummeled by the last recession. For the Senate, that means investing in our K-12 schools - especially by fully funding our Local Control Funding Formula to help close the achievement gap in our state.

The governor didn't ignore the soaring stock market and relatively strong employment figures, but said they don't detract from reasons to prepare for a downturn.

In terms of K-12 education, as a result of both increased General Fund revenues and local property taxes, the Prop. 98 guarantee for 2019-19 is $78.3 million, a new all-time high.

"We can't turn on a dime in a downturn", he said.

"You have our piggy bank, which is the Rainy Day Fund".

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"In the 1960s, we spent over 20 percent of state revenue on infrastructure", Obernolte said.

"We have to set some money aside whether it's for wildfire costs or Medicare", Cohen said.

State legislators have proposed a plan that would let California taxpayers pay their state taxes to a special fund that could be counted as a charity, in order to get around the tax bill's limitation of federal deductions for state and local tax payments. A finalized version of the budget must be approved by June 15.

Citing "widespread interest in treating the emerging adult offender group similar to today's juvenile offender population", Brown's new budget proposes creating a "young adult offender pilot program" at two sites in the state.

The Legislative Analyst's Office projects general fund revenue of $135 billion for the upcoming budget year, nearly $40 billion more than the state collected eight years ago. Over the same time period, funding for state financial aid that primarily supports low-income and first-generation students has increased by $623 million to a total of $2.3 billion.

The budget also would include funding to restart the state's court construction program to complete 10 courthouses. Delivering a final, frugal, fiscally responsible budget would be a parting gift to Californians who elected him governor - not once, not twice, but four times - and to the next California governor as well.

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"I can sum up the governor's budget in one word: smart", Yee said. Since the end of the Great Recession, the University of California has received $1.2 billion in new funding and the California State University (CSU) has received $1.6 billion.

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