Alexa will be in Your New Toyota, Lexus Car by 2019

Alexa will be in Your New Toyota, Lexus Car by 2019

Alexa will be in Your New Toyota, Lexus Car by 2019

This latest move by Amazon seems more like an attempt to challenge Cortana, rather than work with it, unless it proves to be the first chapter in showing how Alexa and Cortana will be mutual supportive. The device is created to present wearers with pertinent information directly in their field of view. At CES in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Toyota announced the voice technology would be incorporated with the carmaker's infotainment systems. Needless to say that Alexa will instantly eclipse native assistant Cortana with its humungous count of skills.

Covenant Asset Management LLC Invests $513000 in Texas Instruments Incorporated (TXN) Stock
The semiconductor company reported $1.26 earnings per share for the quarter, beating the consensus estimate of $1.12 by $0.14. This repurchase authorization permits the semiconductor company to buy up to 74% of its shares through open market purchases.

That's a product developed right here in Rochester, by a company called Vuzix, which makes virtual reality and augmented reality glasses.

Will Poland quit EU?
Tusk stressed that there's still a huge surplus of hope in Brussels that Poland will nevertheless remain in the EU. He added: "As long as we're not a net contributor, the game is worth the candle for them.

Three giant computer manufacturers, including Acer, Asus, and HP, have partnered with Amazon in its push to spread its popular voice assistant to more third-party devices. So for those who do not have an account yet but are already planning to purchase the smart glasses, there is still time. The $1,000 AR glasses will be released later this year aimed at enterprise users and early adopters. Sound pricey? It is, but interestingly, Vuzix Chief Executive Officer Paul Travers has said they're looking to get the price down to $500 United States dollars by 2019. Everyone's attention was previously focused on Apple and its rumored AR smart glasses.

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski to miss Duke's game against Wake Forest
Capel led Duke to a 4-3 record last January after Krzyzewski, 70, had to step away for four weeks as a result of back surgery. He missed most of the second half of the 1994-95 season after complications from another back operation.

Looking ahead John Scumniotales, head of products for Alexa's automobile wing, is confident that the technology can be put to far more ambitious use: "It's still really day one for us in terms of what we can do with Alexa in the vehicle". However, Google Glass failed due to its expensive price and very complicated distribution structure. We don't know if Amazon will ever launch its own pair of Alexa-enabled smart glasses, but this is a good start anyway.

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