Dan Harmon admits to sexually harassing 'Community' writer Megan Ganz

Writer forgives 'Rick and Morty' creator following sexual harassment apology

Business & Tech Dan Harmon at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con International in San Diego California

"Here's a weird one for you: Last week, I called out my former boss [Dan Harmon] for sexual harassment, and today I'm going to ask you to listen to his podcast", Ganz wrote on Twitter.

The in-depth apology came weeks after Megan Ganz called the producer out on Twitter for half-assedly confessing to abusive behavior. "Care to be more specific?" You can also read the full transcript of what he said on Splitsider. He broke up with his girlfriend and even told Ganz, "I love you". "Just treated her cruelly, pointedly, things I would never, ever would have done if she had been male and if I had never had those feelings for her". "That was easy enough to know".

Harmon has had time to collect his thoughts, and the way he presents what happened during his years of sexually harassing Ganz is created to sound "relatively unremarkable". She was a writer, and he was a showrunner and details his bad behavior toward a writer whom he paid too much attention to, being flirty and creepy, and says he was so attentive that his girlfriend and others questioned whether his intentions toward her were strictly work-related or something more.

A back-and-forth ensued between the two, who worked together on NBC's "Community", a series that was critically acclaimed but doubled as one of NBC's lowest-rated shows.

He said it was communicated to him multiple times that he was being inappropriate with the writer and "divesting her of a recourse to integrity". After all, if you're just going to be a writer then this is how "just writers" get treated. "You were jealous. I was supporting this person".

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He offered Ganz another apology, but he also acknowledged that he got away with it by not thinking about it-something that he said probably would have continued doing had Ganz not called him out on it.

"I knew enough to know that these feelings were bad news", he said. She then specified after Harmon began responding to her, saying "It took me years to believe in my talents again, to trust a boss when he complimented me and not cringe when he asked for my number".

Once she outright rejected him he says he felt humiliated and says he retaliated.

He said that after that he continued to do the cowardly thing and now "wanted to teach her a lesson". "And in not dealing with them, I made everyone else deal with them, especially her". And I lost my job. And I moved on. "I will never do it again and I should never have done it before but I certainly never would have been able to do it had I had any respect for women". "On a fundamental level, I was thinking about them as different creatures". I destroyed everything. And I damaged her internal compass. "If we make it a normal part of our culture that we think about it and talk about it, maybe we can get to a better place where this doesn't happen". "Please don't hurt her".

Ganz responded to Harmon on Twitter to accept his apology. "I was thinking about the ones that I liked as having some special role in my life and I did it all by not thinking about it".

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This time around, Ganz felt an unexpected sense of "relief" from Harmon's apology, one that she said was "not rationalizing or justifying or making excuses" for his behavior. "He gives a full account". But what I didn't expect was the relief I'd feel just hearing him say these things actually happened.

For her part, Ganz was very grateful for the apology, explaining,"This was never about vengeance; it's about vindication".

She ended her thread noting that if any part of this process should be done in the public eye, it should be the forgiveness part.

Ganz left Community before its cancellation in 2014, joining the writing staff of Modern Family in 2013 and then moving on to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia in 2016.

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