Doing this can help you reduce the risk of weight gain

'No excuses' - dieting works better if obesity in the family, study finds

Weight Loss Feasible Even With Genetic Risk for Obesity

They also found that participants with a higher risk factor who followed the AHEI-2010 and DASH diets saw greater weight loss than those with a lower genetic risk.

Researchers cautioned the study is observational, meaning it can't directly prove healthy eating leads to healthy weight, although it suggests a possible link between the two.

You hear this reasoning all the time - but a new study determines it might not hold much water, finding a healthy diet may conquer genes that up the likelihood of obesity. The earlier study has indicated that the diets with fried foods and higher sugar sweetened drinks may boost genetic associations with the increased body weight.

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The effect of following a healthy diet was more prominent in people at high genetic risk for obesity than those with low genetic risk. "Furthermore, long term, dramatic weight loss is hard to achieve, even in the context of weight loss interventions".

"Therefore, even modest weight loss or simply maintaining weight from adulthood onward - compared with gaining weight - may have a substantial effect on population health".

However the findings "do provide encouraging new evidence that whilst a better diet can improve weight loss, the impact may be greatest in those with the highest geneticpredisposition for obesity".

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"The advantages of consuming a healthy diet are clear, but it is important to acknowledge the challenges of achieving this in an obesity-promoting environment in which unhealthy food options are cheap, readily available in large portions, and heavily marketed", wrote a trio of medical experts in a BMJ editorial accompanying the study.

Dr Louisa Ells, of Teesside University in Middlesbrough, who reviewed the findings for the journal, said: "Genetic predisposition is no barrier to successful weight management and no excuse for weak health and policy responses".

Researchers from Tulane and Harvard University analyzed data for more than 14,000 people from two large studies of USA health professionals, the Nurses' Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study from 1986 to 2006. Specifically, they found changes in body mass index per 10 risk allele increments were 0.07 kg among those in the lowest third AHEI-2010 score and 0.01 kg among those in the highest third with increased AHEI-2010 scores, which corresponds to a weigh change of 0.16 kg versus -0.02 kg. Changes in body mass index and weight were calculated every four years.

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