Five rape case everyday registered in National Capital: Delhi Police

Five rape case everyday registered in National Capital Delhi Police

Five rape case everyday registered in National Capital: Delhi Police

He said that in the next three months, 530 refurbished motorcycles modified specially for traffic policemen will hit the city roads. "There are numerous road decongestion plans that will be implemented after approval from the civic agencies concerned", said Mr. Pathak.

More than six million motorists were booked by Delhi Traffic Police past year and a whopping Rs 94.25 crore was collected as fines for violation of traffic rules, according to an official report.

Improper parking and not using seat belts were biggest offences that invited 10.37 and 5.93 lakh challans.

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O relatório indica a existência de 258 milhões de migrantes internacionais, ou 3,4% da população mundial, com expectativa de aumento.

More than 5 rape cases were recorded on an average every day in Delhi previous year, and in most incidents, the accused was known to the victim, according to Delhi Police data.Even so, the number of registered rape cases reduced from 2,064 in 2016 to 2,049 in 2017.

RP Upadhyay, the Special Commissioner of Police (Crime) said, "We followed strategies like crime mapping and identification of hot spots, dynamic deployment with focus on identified areas, identification of active criminals, arrest of notorious criminals, preparation of compendium of top criminals, increased visibility of police on streets, group patrolling led by district Deputy Commissioners of Police, integrated patrolling by local police, PCR staff and traffic police, regular checking of two wheelers by local police, action against drinking in public places, action against organized crime, citizen centric policing through Jan Sampark and other community approach programmes and breaking the supply routes of Fire arms in Delhi", he emphasized.

In 2016, a total of 40,25,243 persons were prosecuted for traffic violations. The number went up to 60,10,772 in 2017, the report said. Over 10 lakh bikers and 4.73 pillion riders were also issued tickets for not wearing helmets.

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Struggling in traffic congestion, 28 major congestion corridors were taken on priority for removal of congestion through re-designing choke points, regulation and manual interventions like removal of vehicles, were undertaken by the traffic police.

In 2016, 1,548 fatal accidents were reported in which 1,591 lives were lost. In 2017, the number of such accidents was 1,474, killing 1,505 people, he added.

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