Jeff Bezos' net worth makes him the richest man on the planet

Tech Giants Convene at Trump Tower Amid Visa Worry

Tech Giants Convene at Trump Tower Amid Visa Worry

Over the past few years, we have seen Amazon's Founder Jeff Bezos has been in the news feed quite frequently.

Bezos's rising net worth is due to Amazon's growth over the previous year, when it bounced nearly 57 percent.

The Seattle-based corporation managed to make up 89 per cent of online spending among major retailers in the five-week period beginning on Thanksgiving, according to an analysis of transaction data by Earnest Research in NY.

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According to an analysis of publicly disclosed giving, since 1999, Gates has given away over USA $700 million worth Microsoft shares and U.S. $2.9 billion of cash and other assets.

Don't feel too bad for Bill Gates's net worth, though: He would still be number one if it wasn't for all the money he's given away to charity via the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bezos' fortune has reached $99 billion according to the Bloomberg billionaires ranking.

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Bezos also owns The Washington Post and has branched out into spaceflight with the company Blue Origin. He did surpass Gates's record of $100 billion from 1999 - but only in dollar amounts. It's possible he's not even the richest man alive: Experts are unsure of the net worth of the Saudi Arabian royal family or Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

We've got bad news if you've ever wondered how Jeff Bezos' net worth compares to yours: He makes more than you - a lot more. Those shares jumped 1.4 percent on Monday, making him $1.4 billion richer.

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