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It happens to any good newspaper reporter. Outraged by this, President Nixon orders government attorneys to file a suit forcing the paper to stop publishing the papers in the interest of national security. This is such a common occurrence that Bradlee brandishes a copy of the Times and asks his reporters "anyone else exhausted of reading the news?" Despite Jason Robards immortalising Ben Bradlee in All the President's Men (1971) and winning the Academy Award for it, Hanks carves a distinct identity for the journalist. In lesser hands, Graham would have come off as dithering (early in the film she removes an earring before answering the phone, such a subtle moment but it speaks volumes about who Graham is), as if she were waiting for a man to rescue her.

With our own government in the House of Lords also moving to restrict press freedoms, it's a great moment for Hollywood's most successful director to stand up for the news.

Spielberg saw an opportunity to comment on our odd American moment and committed himself to realizing his vision in record time.

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As he gets older, different stories seem to be interesting Steven Spielberg.

The Post arrives in cinemas in the same week that Donald Trump announces his Fake News Awards, which are aimed at discrediting the papers that Richard Nixon failed to gag. It is a film about how a news agency uncover the panama leaks that consists of one of the biggest names as accusers from all walks of life. While the actress' co-star Tom Hanks, who Globes host Seth Meyers suggested should be Oprah's running mate if she chose to run, added, "I believe Oprah wakes up in the morning and both personally and professionally wonders what she can do specifically in order to make the world a better place".

When it comes to newspaper movies, I will admit I am biased. Any film that reminds audiences a free press is vital because it wields the power to unseat a unsafe president is a welcome one.

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I was reading the Los Angeles Times because my wife and I were there last month to visit our daughters. "Tom steps outside of anything we've seen before". It's a love letter to newspapers and a thumb in the eye to those who try to silence them. He doesn't believe in anything standing between the public and the truth. He gets the most out of the entire cast, and rightfully, a lot of praise will be heaped on Streep and Hanks in particular. Hanks' Bradlee sums it up nicely: President Nixon is "taking a shit all over the First Amendment". "This idea now that has actually been verbalized by various people high up in the current administration that there is such a thing as an 'alternative fact'". "I want all of the girls watching here now to know that a new day is on the horizon", she declared at the Los Angeles prizegiving.

Steven Spielberg's "The Post" is an ode to the Fourth Estate and a look at a tumultuous time in American history. Indeed, Ellsberg was prosecuted under the Espionage Act and faced the possibility of a 115-year sentence. I was rooting for him to get out of the Pentagon without getting caught.

Ellsberg told me that when he was a U.S. Marine in the mid-1950s and later while working for the RAND Corp., "I was very much a cold warrior, a hawk". "He was a former Marine and Pentagon employee who, in the late 60s, who was sent to Vietnam for some time to help compile a report for Robert McNamara about how America was doing", explains Rhys.

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