Texas Redistricting Case Heads to Supreme Court

Supreme Court takes up Texas redistricting case

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On Friday afternoon, the Justices agreed to reconsider a half-century-old constitutional bar to state taxes on out-of-state retailers.

For Heitkamp, the court battle has been 27 years in the making.

Chief Justice David Gilbertson said Wednesday in his State of the Judiciary message that addiction to meth and prescription drugs continues despite efforts by law enforcement and the court system. That now may happen.

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to take up a South Dakota case this term that could reset the balance between online and physical store sellers by requiring taxation of goods sold by out-of-state merchants, Bloomberg has reported. That put catalog sales off-limits. The 1992 ruling, from Quill v. But the panel ruled that the intentional discrimination behind the 2011 maps carried over into the 2013 maps in places where district boundaries were unchanged. It demanded that the legislature draw new district lines by this November, but the Supreme Court blocked that requirement while it considers the state's appeal.

Under previous Supreme Court rulings, when internet retailers don't have a physical presence in a state, they can't be forced to collect sales tax on sales into that state.

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Sales taxes are a crucial source of revenue in the 45 states that collect them.

"A case questionable even when decided, Quill now harms states to a degree far greater than could have been anticipated earlier", Kennedy wrote. The Government Accountability Office estimates that, had they been allowed, states and local governments could have collected as much as $13 billion in additional taxes on online sales. North Dakota decision is outdated. State officials then sent out notices of the tax to a long list of sellers it thought were subject to the tax.

"Instead of continuing to appeal the culvert case, tribes believe the state should use the momentum it has gained over the past four years to finish the job of fixing fish-blocking culverts, and focus on our shared goal of salmon recovery", Loomis said.

On the gerrymandering front, the Supreme Court already has heard a challenge to the way Wisconsin Republicans drew legislative district maps.

The minority rights groups suing the state had formally asked the high court to dismiss the state's appeal.

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He said replacing the culverts would not benefit salmon but would burden state taxpayers with removing culverts built to federal standards.

On Friday, the Justices accepted the invitation.

Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch have also criticized the decision, according to South Dakota's petition.

The grant of review of the South Dakota case on Friday was among similar grants on ten other cases.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether Texas must redraw its congressional maps because of gerrymanders, in a case that could have major implications for this year's elections in the Lone Star State.

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