Visa to eliminate customer signatures for cards with security chips

Visa Corporate, Visa Makes Signature Optional for EMV Merchants in

Visa joins other major US credit card companies in getting rid of signatures

The days of signing the receipt after a credit card purchase are numbered.

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On Friday, Visa announced it will get rid of its signature requirement for cards with EMV chips starting in April. Chip cards and mobile-payment options generate new codes for every transaction. Sign up for the free Good Morning Silicon Valley newsletter. Mastercard was the first one to announce the move in October, and American Express and Discover followed suit in December. Discover will also eliminate it for Mexico and the Caribbean, while American Express is dropping signature requirements worldwide. This assumes they have a contact or contact-less point of sale terminal with support for the EMV chip; those that still require the customer to slide the card will still have to get signatures from the customer.

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"Our focus is on continually evolving the market towards dynamic authentication methods such as EMV chip, as well as investing in emerging capabilities that leverage advanced analytics and biometrics", said Dan Sanford, vice president of consumer products.

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Visa Inc. said some 2.5 million brick-and-mortar retailers will no longer have to ask for signatures for customers paying with a Visa credit card on a terminal that uses chip technology. "We believe making the signature requirement optional for EMV chip-enabled merchants is the responsible next step to enhance security and convenience at the point of sale". Less than two years since EMV chip launched in the USA, fraud declined 66 percent at EMV chip-enabled merchants.

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