Woman killed in pit bull attack at pet boarding facility

Laura Ray

Laura Ray

The Sheriff's Office believes the dog is a pit bull, but that has not verified.

Happy Hounds owner Leanne Stuckey said her "heart was breaking" for Ray's family.

Pictured the Happy Hound Hotel, a pet housing facility in West Monroe, Louisiana.Pictured, Louisiana woman, Laura Williams Ray.Pictured, Louisiana woman, Laura Williams Ray - mauled to death by pit bull.

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If a dog ever attacks you, try distracting them, Choate said.

"This situation is horrific and very bad", Ouachita Parish police chief president Scotty Robinson said.

Robinson said there is an aggressive animal ordinance in place for vicious animals and pets.

By Kieran Gill for the Daily Mail
Some television replays were initially unclear whether the ball brushed against Murray's arm before falling into the net. Even then it is only if he requests assistance or it is recommended by the VAR, and Marriner makes the final decision.

"We can't tell a business, no you can't board this type of breed, this type of animal or anything like that", Robinson said. Robinson said what others would only tell KNOE-TV off camera.

No further details have been released about the incident, and Springfield says the pit bull is being held by Ouchita Parish Animal Control. She wasn't just my aunt she was my friend that ride or die aunt that knew all my secrets and never judged the one that always said "im in" "let's do it"! "We don't have a specific pit bull ordinance because all pit bulls are bad, because they're not all bad". "Put a leash around it, get it out of the truck and if it shows any aggression, any growling, it is immediately separated and it's watched", Robinson said.

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