Trump's ambassador to the Netherlands apologizes for anti-Muslim remarks

US ambassador to the Netherlands Peter Hoekstra regrets a claim he made that Islamists had brought violence to the Netherlands

Trump's ambassador to the Netherlands apologizes for false 'no-go' claims

Reflecting on his remarks, Hoekstra told the Telegraaf: "That one shocked me personally".

Hoekstra called his denial in that interview of having spoken about "chaos" in the Netherlands a "miscommunication". "I got it wrong, and I don't know how it could have happened".

The new US ambassador to the Netherlands has said anti-Muslim comments he made in 2015 were "just wrong", two days after a news conference when he wouldn't say the comments were factually inaccurate.

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Asked by the newspaper if it was normal to be so "frivolous" with facts, Hoekstra said: "I formulated it incorrectly".

A no-go zone is a reference to Muslim-controlled neighborhoods in Europe where sovereign nations allegedly cede authority to Muslim immigrants.

Hoekstra, a former Republican congressman from MI and recent political appointee, made the apology during an interview Friday with De Telegraaf, one of the largest Dutch newspapers, at the end of a particularly rough week for the new ambassador. I know: "I was wrong", he said. "That is not the language that we would use, ' the State Department's undersecretary for public diplomacy and public affairs, Steve Goldstein, told reporters in Washington on Thursday".

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The new U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands has belatedly apologized for false and disparaging comments he made in 2015 regarding immigrants in the country where he will be representing USA interests.

"He added ".There are politicians that are being burned".

Hoekstra initially tried to side-step questions about his incendiary comments, but was quickly informed by one journalist, "This is the Netherlands, you have to answer questions". The newspaper will publish the full interview Saturday, it said. "He recognizes that", Goldstein said.

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"I have advised, as I've advised most people, that when reporters are in front of you, just as you are in front of me, that it's always good to answer questions", he said.

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