Chinese automaker plans to enter USA market

GAC Motor will introduce its GS8 SUV in the United States in 2019

GAC Motor will introduce its GS8 SUV in the United States in 2019

The company, which has attended the Detroit auto show four years straight, says its new MPV model "focuses on the young generation in the USA market" and also unveiled a new GA4 sedan model this year.

A Chinese automaker is turning its attention west, vowing to sell cars to Americans by the fourth quarter of 2019.

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An interesting aside to the tale of Chinese cars on American soil is the name under which GAC markets its vehicles in China - Trumpchi. GAC will continue to use Trumpchi in China, where the word means legend and good fortune.

The GA4 will appear in Chinese showrooms later this month and US showrooms later in 2018.

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And in 2018, it was an all-electric Enverge concept vehicle with a retractable light mounted on the front that can be detached and used as a flood light, or as "a torch during an expedition in the wildness", as GAC Motor Vice President of Engineering Zhang Fan put it. The automaker says it will go over 370 miles on a single charge.

GAC sold just over 500,000 automobiles in China a year ago, up 37 percent from 2016. GAC says it is negotiating with partner Fiat Chrysler about possible distribution of vehicles. Wang said he didn't know what the brand's lowest-price vehicle would be in the U.S. He says the company's vehicle quality will be ready for US buyers, and it will work with USA partners to meet stricter USA safety standards. It makes both gasoline and electric vehicles, and ranks 6th in units sales in China.

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The automaker had made a decision to call its debut US brand "Trumpchi", as that sounded close to the Chinese name for the brand.

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