Street Fighter 5 finally feels like a complete package

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Street Fighter 5 finally feels like a complete package

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition includes an updated version of the latest game in the popular fighting series, as well as the addition of an Arcade Mode, and Extra Battle Mode. Firstly, the game has significantly improved since launch in terms of offline content.

For those who are already fairly au fait with all things Street Fighter V, there's some balance changes that are set to shape the game for the coming year. A fresh look frames new modes, a greater focus on single-player content, a new balance patch and, for those picking up the new release at retail, all of the now released DLC characters. The fighters that you will encounter in the mode are not just pre-determined, but are select by the player themselves.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition releases today (you can download the update right now if you own the base game!), and that means that Sakura is now in the fighting game.

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The game also feels snappier.

One issue with Street Fighter V, that didn't have anything to do with the way it was being sold, is the fact that Street Fighter IV was so good there wasn't anything very obvious to do with a new sequel.

The new content coming in season 3 include not only new characters but also an arcade mode, second V-triggers for all characters, lots of modes and challenges, and more.

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Street Fighter: Arcade Edition's titular arcade mode feels like far more than just a welcome mat for casual players. The EX gauge is used to power up special moves and super combos called Critical Arts. The double V-Triggers add an appreciated bit of player choice to a series that's always been rather rigid about how characters ought to be played.

Special Challenges - Not to be confused with the current weekly missions which are still present and yield Fight Money, Special Challenges are scattered throughout the year and will offer unique titles for players upon completion. Extra Battle Mode, V-Trigger moves, Gallery, and a UI design overhaul are among the features we can't wait to show you in the future.

Ah, but enough about the nitty gritty fighting mechanics (check out our original Street Fighter V review for that) - is the titular Arcade Mode up to snuff? It still seems freaky that it's taken two years for the game to get an Arcade mode - given how simple the concept is, and how many complaints Capcom were getting about its absence - but now it's been added they have at least gone all out, with multiple paths themed to different eras of the franchise and complete with retro costumes if necessary. They can also reward unlockable artwork so don't go easy in them.

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Street Fighter 5 is a great game at its core, but now that core is surrounded by a healthy amount of content for every type of player. This has been rectified with the launch of the Arcade Edition and for someone who only played the vanilla Street Fighter V, there is a lot to deal with here. It's time to see what else your main character is capable of. And even though Capcom repeatedly came through on their promise to release more for free the game's reputation never really recovered.

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