Cambodia deports foreigners jailed for 'pornographic' party

Cambodia deports 7 held on pornography charges

Cambodia deports foreigners jailed for 'pornographic' party

A court in Siem Reap, which is near the famous Angkor Wat temple complex, charged the 10 with producing pornographic materials, with a prosecutor alleging that the organizers of the party had posted obscene images online to advertise the event.

The Siem Reap Provincial Court, which granted bail to the seven last week, had also ordered them to leave Cambodia, Yin Srang, the court's spokesman, told Reuters.

Police accused the group of "singing and dancing pornographically" after their arrest two weeks ago at a party in a private villa in Siem Reap, the launch pad for visitors heading to Cambodia's famed Angkor Wat temples.

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The court charged the 10 foreigners, among them citizens of Britain, the Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand and Norway, on January 29 with producing pornography for their roles in organizing the party.

"A judge said that they must leave the country, that they must not return, and that they must not gather in a group and party", he said.

Their lawyer, Ouch Sopheaktra, confirmed that the seven had left the country, and said he had no plan to ask for bail for the remaining three - a British, Dutch and Norwegian national.

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The seven released on bail and ordered out of the country had all left, Ouch Sopheaktra said, adding that the charges still stood against them in Cambodia.

All 10 defendants denied the allegations, saying only that they were wearing "sexy" clothing, but were not nude and had not produced pornography.

Although the temples of Angkor Wat are considered sacred, the nearby town of Siem Reap is known for its lively nightlife, bars and restaurants.

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