Nintendo Switch Getting Hello Neighbor & More Tiny Build Games

Screenshot via tinyBuild

Screenshot via tinyBuild

Nintendo has always had a good history with indie games; their consoles often serving as an appropriate place for weird and imaginative titles to find a fan base.

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There are some interesting games in this release, so look forward to trying some of them out on Switch later this year.

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Hello Neighbor is arguably the biggest tinyBuild title coming to Switch in the future. No concrete release date was given - only that the titles will be released before the end of the year - but the publisher did give an idea of how much players would be paying for the games. Hello Neighbor will cost gamers $39.99 United States dollars, while the other five titles will only be $14.99 USD. It was probably the most hyped horror release at the time.

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These five games will be released throughout the year for $14.99 each. The game now has great reviews on steam with gamers praising the sombre mood and gripping story. Reviews on Steam have praised the game for its chaotic gameplay. The first is ClusterTruck, a fast-paced platformer where players must jump from truck to truck driven by bad drivers. Next is Punch Club, a throwback to the fighting games of old, where players are in search of their fathers killer. The six titles include The Final Station, Hello Neighbor, Punch Club, Party Hard, Streets of Rogue, and the phenomenal platformer Clustertruck. Party Hard is due to be launched this summer, and Streets of Rogue is slated for a 2018 release date. All the games can be seen in the video from Tiny Builds "Hello Switch" event below. Party Hard is a amusing and gory stealth game where you have to destroy a loud party.

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