Google Home Max edges HomePod out in sound quality tests

Andrew Hoyle  CNET

Andrew Hoyle CNET

Consumer Reports has blown the lid on this stupidity and say that the Apple rivals, the Sonos One and Google Home Max, sound better. And if his results are to be believed, those early reviews may be underselling the HomePod's sonic abilities. But how does the sound quality measure up to existing models like the Google Home Max and Sonos One? Apple products work great with the HomePod. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, of which Apple is a component, has gained 20% in that time. Still, HomePods, by most accounts, have been flying off the shelves. But the $349 HomePod was going to be the best speaker. Not only is the HomePod a technical marvel, but Apple managed to fit all of the components in the speaker both efficiently and elegantly while still packing in all the necessities.

The Apple HomePod is here, and as the company's first smart home speaker device, a little bit of lagging behind in terms of features can be expected. It's another testament to the impressive sound separation HomePod is capable of. When music is playing a '+' and '-' symbol appear so you can manually adjust the volume rather than using a spoken command if you prefer. Generally speaking, if you're all in on iOS and Apple Music, plus you don't mind waiting for Siri to get smarter, you'll be happy with a HomePod.

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Anyone willing to mutilate a $350 gadget to see what makes it tick will be rewarded with the discovery of an odd threaded ring-a feature that suggests, at some point, Cupertino did allow the speaker to be unscrewed and opened.

Experts noted that the likelihood of a fix for a HomePod is very slim when compared to the chances of a damaged Mac or iPhone.

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While the HomePod's audio quality is praiseworthy, its "smartness" is not.

If you do break your HomePod cord maybe buy another one, or don't break it at all. You'd think everything Siri can do on an iPhone or iPad could be done on the HomePod. In the meantime, comment below or call in on our IoT Podcast Listener Hotline at 512-623-7424 if you have HomePod questions.

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If Apple can just get Siri up to speed - and the Consumer Reports findings don't cause too big a wave - the HomePod may yet develop into an AAPL stock factor. But unless you're a member of the Cult of Mac, best to hold off on a HomePod for now.

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