Sea of Thieves is 'never' going to have loot crates

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Confirmed to Run on Potato Rigs

It sounds like in Sea of Thieves, it will just be the old fashioned kind of microtransactions where you pay a small fee just to look cool. The game, due out next month, offers a slight twist on conventional open-world titles, however. Gamers can also engage in ship-to-ship battles and even spend time in virtual pubs. How it'll fare once it actually arrives next month is anyone's guess, but in the meantime I'm enjoying the trickle of information every so often that helps us figure out what the final version will be like.

"If the two of us were to go out to the pub together with two other friends, you've got that intimate relationship, you're all getting on together".

Sea of Thieves will be arriving on March 20th of this year on Xbox One and PC. Microsoft and Rare provided six different spec buildouts you can find below, which should give you an idea of where your configuration might fall when running the game.

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Rare also said its primary goal following launch is to provide players with new content, whether it be through fully-fledged expansions or smaller updates.

Missions include taking over skeleton forts, which are filled with warriors and are overseen by a captain, the newspaper says. According to the team Skeleton Forts will be quite a hard fight for players but will be rewarding, so rewarding that it apparently all won't fit in the one ship.

"Going onto Google Trends and looking at Sea of Thieves and watching the spikes throughout the development of the game and seeing where it's at now".

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The case is under investigation and further details will be released at a later time, state police said. It is unclear at this time how Filippidis got to California from NY or when he got there.

"Our focus at launch [is] on a great game experience". The purchasable options will "either be on a shoulder, like a monkey, or like a cat on the ship".

"It's entirely optional, but if you had a monkey, for example, you'll be able to hold it like you can other things in the game, but then I'll also be able to hold it, then drop it overboard, because that's amusing", Neate explained. If I put it down, it'll come back. They'll be strictly cosmetic and will add an emotional feeling to the game. But Sea of Thieves "will have to consistently grow" in order to "keep the player base's attention".

In a recent playthrough of Sea of Thieves we were struck by the game's immersive first person perspective, simple controls and unobtrusive UI.

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