UK Government Shows Off AI Tool For Extremist Video Takedown


Artificial intelligence can identify extremist content

Continuing its drive to take control of the internet, the United Kingdom government has unveiled a new tool that it says can block extremist content "on any platform" with astonishing accuracy.

Rudd is now on a visit to San Francisco where she is meeting with the main communication service providers in Silicon Valley to discuss tackling terrorist content online, while also meet with the US Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen to discuss how the United Kingdom and US can work together to keep the internet clear of extremism.

Of course, the bigger tech firms such as Google and Facebook, have their own technology and processes to detect and take extremist content.

The blocking tool was developed by an artificial intelligence company in London called ASI Data Science, with the government injecting £600,000 of public funds into supporting the tool.

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It was run by thousands of hours of content produced by ISIS which the government believes will automatically mould the tool for analysing, recognising and ultimately blocking extremist content. Humans then have to assess the content and make a decision on removing it.

Speaking to the BBC, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said that she hasn't ruled out the possibility of forcing tech companies to use their technology. There are tools out there that can do exactly what we're asking for.

Ms Rudd is visiting the United States to meet tech companies to discuss the idea, as well as other efforts to tackle extremism. "This has to be in conjunction, though, of larger companies working with smaller companies".

John Gibson, director of data science technology at ASI, told The National that the tool could easily be rolled out globally, including in the UAE.

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Rudd said the software is created to be offered to small tech firms that can not afford to develop such systems.

"We're not going to rule out taking legislative action if we need to do it", the home secretary was quoted by the BBC as saying.

Ms. Rudd is now visiting the meet tech companies and discuss the idea, as well as push other ideas aimed at tackling extremism. According to the Home Office, IS supporters used more than 400 unique online platforms to spread propaganda in 2017.

"They can encourage the companies they invest in to introduce a facility to enable users and authorities to flag terrorist material for removal", Ms Rudd added.

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The secretary said that past year, all of the five attacks on British soil had an online component.

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