Eminem Is Caught Up in a Volatile Relationship in 'River' Video



Auspiciously released on Valentine's Day, the video seems to address domestic violence through a number of grainy, "candid" scenes and reality-TV-style interviews.

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The Detroit rap legend unleashes the Emil Nava-directed video for "River", his Ed Sheeran-assisted single off last year's Revival.

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Then, the storytelling begins through hotel vignettes, cell phone videos, and surveillance footage depicting Eminem's ill-fated relationship with his lover, played by actress Sarah Ashley Toups. The former admits that his track record "is not exactly a highlight reel", while the latter advises: "If you don't have the trust element, you're fucked".

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The clip then goes into a narrative of Em meeting his love interest at a boxing gym and it quickly developing into a romance. They're all laughs and kisses there, but soon, their relationship fizzles and dissolves into chaos when she finds out she's pregnant. Later, Eminem is sitting in a chair contemplating his actions while debris falls down on him. In fact, Em's team has been promoting the clip using the hashtag #UNHAPPYVDAY. Naturally, things don't end too well, but at least nothing got set on fire a la "Love The Way You Lie". Check out Eminem's new video above.

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