Affordable 3D-printed housing model debuts at SXSW

The 3D printer produced even layers of concrete that rose to form the inner and outer walls of the house

The 3D printer produced even layers of concrete that rose to form the inner and outer walls of the houseCOVER IMAGES

ICON is building this affordable house using low-priced 3D printing technology.

According to a report from the World Resources Institute's Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, around 1.2 billion people live without adequate housing throughout the world.

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A startup called ICON says it can make a 650-square-foot house using 3-D printing in 12 to 24 hours.

The company has partnered with housing solutions nonprofit New Story.

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According to Icon co-founder Evan Loomis, the walls of the printed house are stronger than cinderblocks after a few days of hardening, although the house is ready for human occupation after the home is set up - which entails New Story crew members installing windows, a wooden roof, basic plumbing, and electrical plumbing as the house is printed.

The 800 sq ft house contains a living room, bathroom, bedroom, and a study that doubles as another bedroom. It will reduce labor costs and create minimal waste. ICON also intends to build homes in the US. "It's one of the more promising potential habitat technologies".

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