Millennial 26-30 railcard website crashes within minutes due to demand

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GettyRailcard discount Discounts reduce it from £30 to £15

The railcard will only be available for one year, costs £30 for a year and will only be available digitally.

Those on the website took to Twitter to express frustration.

The millennial railcard announced in Philip Hammond's last Autumn Budget largely grants those aged 26-30 the same privileges as holders of the 16-25 railcard; that is, a third off all travel.

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There will be a limit on the number of 26-30 railcards available while the scheme is trialled to assess the impact on revenue and passenger numbers.

Many have complained that the railcard is not available for everyone who is eligible, and there are fears the issue could be kicked into the long grass because National Rail has refused to confirm whether the railcard will be available to everyone after the trial. "Sort out your website to make it fair!"

The card was previously only available to a limited number of people in East Anglia.

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Thousands of frustrated young adults spent hours trying to get their hands on the new 26-30 railcard, dubbed the millennial railcard, when it launched on Tuesday.

The card is aimed at leisure travellers rather than commuters, as it offers no discounts on season tickets and a £12 minimum fare on all journeys between 4.30am and 10am, excluding weekends and public holidays.

The trial of the 26-30 railcard is part of the rail industry's long-term plan to change, improve and boost communities by enabling more people to travel by train. "This is due to the exceptionally high volume of traffic on the 26-30 Railcard website". "We're really sorry this is happing and have our whole team on it".

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Research being gathered as part of the 26-30 railcard trial is being used to inform discussions with the government about a national roll out, and to develop new products that make leisure travel easier and better value for customers.

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