Seoul envoy thanks Xi for 'big role' in N. Korea nuclear talks

Seoul envoy thanks Xi for 'big role' in N. Korea nuclear talks

Seoul envoy thanks Xi for 'big role' in N. Korea nuclear talks

The U.S. and many other nations are pushing for North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program.

"It's very early stages", Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters Monday in Abuja, Nigeria, on a swing through Africa, when asked about plans for the meeting, expected in May. He said that, in delivering the invitation to Trump orally, it was possible that the South Korean envoys may not necessarily have accurately conveyed to the U.S. leader what Kim said, "let alone what he meant", without a written record of the invitation. The Trump-Kim summit is supposed to take place by May.

South Korea National Security Office chief Chung Eui Yong, meanwhile, met Chinese President Xi Jinping yesterday.

The North Korean nuclear crisis is at a crossroads and Washington and Pyongyang should hold direct talks as soon as possible. -South Korean military exercises "a remarkable step forward" and a result of Trump's tough approach.

There has been a stormy exchange of words between the two leaders, and at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, President Trump indicated that North Korea is interested in pursuing peace.

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North Korean state media has instead been running reports asserting that the North will never back down in the face of US hostility and arguing that its nuclear weapons program is justified.

Tillerson spoke Monday at a news conference in Nigeria.

Kono said he and Suh also affirmed that Japan and South Korea will work in close coordination on the issue of North Korea's abductions of Japanese nationals in the 1970s and 1980s.

During the meeting with the ambassadors, McMaster pointed to three United Nations sanctions resolutions adopted by the council as key in the campaign to bring North Korea to the negotiating table, according to a council diplomat.

"Amid uncertainty and anxiety running through the minds of all those involved in this process, experts warn "you can never be too careful" in a delicate situation like this and 'don't count your summits until they hatch.' Moon Connyoung, Arirang News, the Blue House".

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He meets with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday.

On Saturday, a unofficial pro-North Korea paper based in Japan had reported on the inter-Korean summit slated for late April, as well as talks with Washington, but later scrapped the article.

To take just one recent example: In 2003, Muammar Qaddafi took the US up on its "denuclearization for security" deal - only to be tortured and killed eight years later by rebels whom the USA government had backed. This summit may save the world from a nuclear disaster.

Mongolia's capital city, Ulaanbaatar, has been the site of past sensitive negotiations with North Koreans, maintains friendly relations with both sides, and has little in the way of political baggage. It has continued to warn the United States and Japan against war-mongering, but its rhetoric has been tame compared with threats exchanged at the height of tensions previous year.

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