Singapore pips London, New York to top global smart city ranking

Singapore pips London, New York to top global smart city ranking

Singapore pips London, New York to top global smart city ranking

By beating London and New York, Singapore has emerged top in a global smart city performance ranking in 2017, according to a study by market researcher Juniper Research.

"Global Smart City Performance Index 2017" is modelled across four major opinion-making areas - mobility, health, safety and productivity - to examine the benefits of Smart City initiatives.

The average peak-time vehicle speed in cities is a dismal 4 mph, causing driver to lose up to 70 hours per year, the study said.

Smart cities are cities which employ Internet of Things (IoT) technologies such as connected sensors, meters and lights to collect and analyse data to improve public infrastructure and services.

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Using this yardstick, a market research organisation has declared Singapore to be the world's smartest metropolitan area, followed, in descending order of intelligence (if that's the word) by London, New York and San Francisco and Chicago.

In healthcare, the study found that smart cities with connected digital health services, such as wearable apps that monitor blood pressure, can save individuals close to 10 hours a year.

"We can't overlook the importance of the real human benefits that smart cities have".

"Analysts tend to focus on the technical underpinnings of building a data-centric world", said Windsor Holden, head of forecasting and consultancy at Juniper Research, in a press release. Yet an integrated IoT-enabled infrastructure of intelligent traffic systems, safer roads, directed parking, frictionless toll and parking payments "can give back up to 60 hours a year" to drivers who otherwise would be stuck in their cars.

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Singapore was cited as an example, for its smart, connected traffic solutions, which are applied together with strong policy curtailing auto ownership to reduce the number of vehicles on roads.

The Bhubaneswar Smart City Plan (SCP) redefines the concept of "Smart Cities" and outlines a citizen-driven vision for the future by using technology to help residents gain better access to city services, and improve the overall quality of life.

They cite such examples of "smart" technology as wearable apps to monitor blood pressure, pain tolerance and temperature that are able to help people manage chronic conditions without having to be hospitalised; and "telemedicine", which refers to the ability of flu sufferers - who are nearly certain to be contagious if they really have flu - to avoid having to go to their doctor's offices by making use of a high-speed video link that enables them to be "examined" from a distance. Juniper found that implementing such technology, for instance Singapore's trial and use of smart video surveillance, can result in substantial time benefits of almost 35 hours per year for citizens.

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