The Flash season 4: Mystery Girl's identity may still be a surprise

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'The Flash' season 4 episode 16 release date, spoilers: Iris West takes on her husband's role as Scarlet Speedster to save Central City

During the Supergirl hour of "Crisis on Earth X", fans were introduced to a mysterious young woman who was working as a caterer at Barry and Iris' wedding.

The current season of The Flash has featured 3 brief appearances by an unidentified woman portrayed by Jessica Parker Kennedy.

Recently, during a press screening of "Run, Iris Run", Executive Producer Todd Helbing addressed fan theories revolving around the character's true identity on the show. Since then, she's appeared twice on The Flash, each in a scene where she has an awkward encounter with members of Team Flash.

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The mystery waitress's identity in The Flash is still a mystery for the fans. Helbing doubts that "anybody ever is going to guess exactly what it is". Based on her interactions with Barry and Iris, many fans felt that she could be the couple's daughter from the future.

We understand that most people out there probably want this character to be Dawn Allen and we get that - we want to have tangible evidence that Barry and Iris are together and happy years into the future! A version of her costume will be worn by Iris when she gains Barry's speed in this week's episode.

Now that Iris possesses the power of her husband, she is automatically bestowed the responsibility to defend Central City against anyone who wishes to destroy it.

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We may learn more about the mystery girl in the coming weeks. It's the 16th episode of season 4 and will bring viewers into a multi-week break from the Scarlet Speedster and the rest of Team Flash. In two visits to Jitters, she has crossed paths with Ralph (Hartley Sawyer), Harry (Tom Cavanagh), Cisco (Carlos Valdes), and Caitlin (Danielle Pakabaker).

Only one way to find out, and you already know what it is: Tune in Tuesday night at 8:00 The CW and see if "Run, Iris, Run" gives us the birth of a brand new superhero we'll remember long after things are set right.

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