Trump finally losing patience with VA Sec. Shulkin

Trump finally losing patience with VA Sec. Shulkin

Trump finally losing patience with VA Sec. Shulkin

Trump has been telling associates he doesn't know what's happened at the VA, but he doesn't like what he's hearing and he may have to fire Shulkin if the situation further deteriorates... Yet in recent weeks, a scandal so severe has roiled Shulkin's department that it's drawn the attention of Donald Trump, who has reportedly come to view the V.A. head as a "major problem". An inspector general report found that Shulkin spent most of a taxpayer-funded trip to Europe sightseeing, misused government resources by having the VA cover the cost of his wife's airfare and improperly accepted tickets to Wimbledon. If no one told him of the problems, those who kept the information from him should be fired. It is as simple as that. An armed guard reportedly stands outside his office, in part due to the upheaval and in part as a response to threats Shulkin received after the I.G. report was made public.

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But perhaps Shulkin's most egregious move in the White House's eyes has been his attempts to color himself in the media as acting with the administration's blessing.

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Trump and his senior aides are frustrated with Shulkin because they believe he has undermined the White House on several occasions and is unwilling to work with other members of his agency who were appointed by the Trump administration, a source familiar with the matter tells CNN. Shulkin pulled a similar move last week, meeting with Kelly and subsequently calling up The New York Times to declare victory. "People need to get on board. or need to leave", he told the paper. "He wants Shulkin to just shut up and stop causing drama".

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