YouTube extends its 'Dark Theme' to Android and iOS

YouTube extends its 'Dark Theme' to Android and iOS

YouTube extends its 'Dark Theme' to Android and iOS

The feature debuted on the YouTube desktop client a year ago.

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Had we continued at with the same pace, it would have taken us another 40 years to achieve the target. According to stats, due to TB every year 1.7 million lost their lives across the country.

For the unaware, Dark Mode is a feature that essentially flips YouTube's normal white color scheme to one mostly composed of various shades of black and gray. To access it, you simply head to your account icon, hitting settings, and look for a setting called "Dark theme". For months now we've been expecting a new dark mode to go live for YouTube, and while Google's not quite ready to push the button on dark-mode YouTube for Android, the feature is currently heading out to iOS users.

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Researchers typically give firms several months to prepare a fix before announcing the vulnerability publicly. As presented, the 13 flaws fall into four categories called Master Key, Ryzenfall, Fallout, and Chimera.

Nearly a year after it rolled out on Google Chrome, dark mode is coming to YouTube's mobile app. Offering a dark theme on YouTube also makes sense from an aesthetic perspective because it gives the app a more cinematic feel.

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In a brief post on a YouTube support page, the company detailed how to use dark mode on mobile and where exactly it's available. The company introduced a hidden dark mode for the desktop client in May 2017, around the same time when the service rolled out its cleaner and simpler Material Design-inspired interface. "Dark theme", and letting you toggle it on right away. In a way this is a great option but ...

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