NBC's 'This Is Us' Season 2 Finale: When And Where To Watch

Ron Batzdorff  NBC

Ron Batzdorff NBC

Toby isn't looking forward to the auto ride with his parents who are divorced. No, that would be a surprise appearance by an aging Jack, beard and full head of hair still intact, if a little more salt and peppered. Maybe. But we're not alone in thinking this could be a shocking reality.

In fact, when we spoke with Jon Huertas (aka the actor behind Miguel) recently, he said the writers are actually taking a smaller break between seasons to focus on perfecting the storylines.

This is Us, which loves a cliffhanger as it much as it loves to wallow in the memory of Jack Pearson, purposely didn't tell us. Kate panics a bit, asking Rebecca if it is abnormal that Toby isn't there. The father-daughter duo have one of the strongest connections in the Pearson family, so it wouldn't be a surprise if Kate was so desperate to have her dad present on her big day that she imagined, just for a moment, that he was. Aptaker even said it is possible Kate and Toby will not get married.

The show's creator Dan Fogelman told Entertainment Weekly that Jack's backstory will be explored more in season three. "We have some big plans in how we play with time, but Mandy has such a classic face and look that strangely it allows for aging in a really interesting way because she would always remain classically handsome in a way that's not typical or normal". But he lives on in this alternate reality. Like all of us, myself included, sometimes we need people to believe in us so we believe in ourselves. It certainly would make sense for that dream idea to be wedding-related, wouldn't it? There's definitely a shift happening and a change with Kate and within the relationship. This moment should usher in a great understanding between the women, and hopefully serves as yet another breakthrough for Kate so we can start to see her flower into the positive spirit she was always meant to be.

Kevin and Randall play the "what if" game where they throw out worse-case scenarios out. And Randall and Kevin rush to Artisanal Scoops, where they've just missed Kate, and stay on her tail. Then, Kate sits at Toby's bedside as he has apparently been diagnosed with a serious illness. She finally admits that her mother has been her inspiration throughout life, and she can wants to become just like her. They feel like he needs to tip toe around her and he is always calming her. Toby gets upset. Part of her challenge is balancing being there for Toby but also for herself, and that's something that we all have to deal with. Since the first season, the two have constantly been at odds. It's something that we're all working on. I'd like to find out exactly how depressed he was before he met Kate and perhaps what might have sent him into that downward spiral after their wedding.

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The episode ended with the glimpse into the future, which we're recapping below. "That would be news to me". A lot of that, of course, is written into the script, but the something blue, I thought about having my nails done with a very light blue, so it wasn't distracting, and then I put a J and a P on both of my pinkies, obviously for Jack Pearson. At the very least, he hasn't had a heart attack.

What can you say about the implications of Toby's parents' intervention and the flash forward?

Interestingly enough, Metz confirmed that as usual on This Is Us, things are never as they seem.

This Is Us returns this fall on NBC.

"There's not much I can say, but I can say that I think it's going to be uplifting and the tears are probably going to be happy tears more than heartbreak", Zeile told the Daily News.

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Which of the revelations was the most shocking for you? They're figuring that out.

But while Deja has regressed, this week featured plenty of growth for the rest of the Pearson family, and the main four specifically.

The emotional roller coaster that is This Is Us season 2 has come to a close - but not without a few more tears shed. Randall and Kevin jump into action by collecting other items around the cabin that remind them of their father.

The finale was something really special because we all got to work together. "I think she is now really emotionally prepared to be that person for him". "And that's not to say that they are in danger of parting ways, but marriage is real and takes work". They call her "unstable".

On wedding day, Deja is introduced to Beth's cousin, Zoey - she grew up with Beth after her mother left her at a young age, an experience Beth hopes Deja can relate to. That's just how it goes.

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