Magic Leap AR glasses are officially open to content creators

Tournament Battle is Capcom’s gift to Nintendo Switch Street Fighter fans

Tournament Battle is Capcom’s gift to Nintendo Switch Street Fighter fans

You can now download a preview build of the Unreal or Unity engines, designed for what Magic Leap dubs "spatial computing".

The Magic Leap One and upcoming Creator Portal are in place to entice creatives to develop for the platform and the next step is a technical preview of that portal and the Magic Leap SDK, which is the first time developers get hands-on with the spatial computing platform.

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O site Comic Book conversou com várias fontes próximas à Ubisoft e elas apontaram informações no mínimo curiosas. Segundo as informações, ainda, a nova edição estaria sendo desenvolvida para XBox One, PS4 e PC .

The Magic Leap One headset is powered by Digital Lightfield technology and supports environment mapping, precision tracking and soundfield audio to produce wonderful Mixed Reality experiences. The news, which is part of a larger ongoing partnership between the two companies means that developers will be able to start building AR experiences with Unreal Engine 4 on the Magic Leap One Creator Edition.

Through the Portal itself you'll find documentation to guide you through content creation on the platform as well as access to a forum to communicate with other developers. Ports on your computer should include USB-A (3.0) (USB-C ports are not recommended) Adapter: USB-C to USB-A and you'll need to run Microsoft Windows 10 or Apple OS X 10.11. The Creator Edition is due sometime in 2018. The answer came promptly from a Magic Leap official by the name of Jeffrey, who said "We'd love to give you more info!"

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Those resources include Unreal Engine 4 documentation, a sample project to introduces devs to the Magic Leap One's quirks, and a custom Unreal Editor for working with the Lumin SDK. Currently, Magic Leap is only accepting accounts for individuals-it does not have a system setup for company profiles yet.

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