Fired FBI director James Comey breaks silence in first TV interview



We know all these things because the president of the United States helpfully told us them a few hours before Comey's interview was broadcast on Sunday. The most important truth. "This president is not able to do that".

Comey's decision to announce an FBI investigation into 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's email server use during her time as secretary of state, and his "concern", at the time, that if he had concealed the FBI's investigation, it could have made her an "illegitimate president".

After appearances on "GMA", NPR's "Morning Edition", and "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Tuesday, Comey will appear on ABC's "The View" on Wednesday.

But if Trump did indeed sleep over at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton, what, exactly, would be motivating him to say that he didn't?

Trump fired off a series of tweets ahead of Comey's first interview on the book, which offers his version of the events surrounding his firing as FBI director by Trump and the investigations into Russian election meddling and Hillary Clinton's email practices. I'm leading the investigation of Russian influence-in particular, whether anyone in the Trump orbit had coordinated and conspired with the Russians.

Comey responded: "Yes. But not in the way I often hear people talk about it".

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In his interview detailing excerpts from the book, the then-FBI Director claims Mr Trump pressed him for his loyalty during a private meeting in his early days as President.

Comey offered a blunt assessment of a conversation with Trump on February 14, 2017, during which Comey maintains the president said of an investigation the FBI was conducting into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, "I hope you can let it go". "I don't know. These are more words I never thought I'd utter about a President of the United States, but it's possible".

He added: "But you can not have, as president of the United States, someone who does not reflect the values that I believe Republicans treasure and Democrats treasure and Independents treasure".

"He is morally unfit to be president", he added.

The day after Trump fired Comey, he met with the Russian foreign minister and the Russian ambassador alone in the Oval Office, and let slip sensitive Israeli intelligence while also calling Comey a "nut job".

He added that USA citizens need to "fight" for American values, and that "impeachment, in a way, would short-circuit that". The firing ultimately led to the appointment of Robert Mueller to direct a special counsel inquiry into Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election and potential collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

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"(Firing Mueller) would, I hope, set off alarm bells that this is (Trump's) most serious attack yet on the rule of law".

"The norm is, 'If you can avoid it, you take no action that might have an impact on an election.' And I can't see a door that's labeled 'No action here, '" Comey said. But Trump later told NBC's Lester Holt that "this Russian Federation thing" had been a factor in his decision.

But the president's characterization that Comey was influenced by polls is an oversimplification of what the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director wrote.

Would he have still sent the letter, Mr. Stephanopoulos asked, if he knew it would get Mr. Trump elected? Comey said he found it "crazy" that Americans were present. The polls swung considerably against Hillary Clinton after Comey's October 28 announcement, and didn't recover when he declared two days before the election that the investigation hadn't actually turned up anything incriminating about her. "Just another of his many lies", Trump said on Twitter.

"I mean, it's certainly some evidence of obstruction of justice", he said.

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