GE3 An asteroid flow Close to Earth today

Погубивший динозавров астероид погрузил Землю в темноту

GE3 An asteroid flow Close to Earth today

The asteroid, named 2018 GE3, was from three to six times larger in diameter than the asteroid that broke through Earth's atmosphere in February 2013 and exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russian, said. "It was shining like a 13th magnitude star at the time of my observations".

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Based on the intensity of its reflected sunlight, 2018 GE3 must be 48 to 110 meters wide, according to NASA-JPL. This puts it into the exact same class as the 60-meter Tunguska impactor that leveled a forest in Siberia in 1908. A more current point of comparison is the Chelyabinsk meteor- a ~ 20-meter asteroid that blew up in the environment over Russian Federation on February 15, 2013, shattering windows and falling observers as a fireball brighter than the sun progressed in the blue early morning Ural sky.

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When confronted, he could not produce any proof of identity and the doctors called the police and handed him over to the police. He also said that he posed as a doctor because he liked to spend time with doctors, a profession he wanted to take up himself. called 2018 GE3 a significant asteroid, being found less than a day before its closest approach to Earth, that might have caused regional damage had it hit earth or disintegrated in the atmosphere just before reaching the ground.

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A rather large asteroid in 2018 GE3 flies through the system Earth-Moon is at a distance of only 200 km. 2018 GE3 was discovered less than a day prior to prior to its closest method. An interactive 3D orbit of the asteroid is available from JPL: explore it here!

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