Trump mocked for 'Mission Accomplished!' tweet

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford brief members of the media on Syria

US, UK, France launch air strikes on Syria in response to chemical weapons attack

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday reaffirmed Russia's view that the purported chemical attack was a fake, criticizing the USA and its allies for launching the strike without waiting for inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the global watchdog group, to visit the area.

Republican President George W. Bush famously stood in front of a banner emblazoned with the phrase "Mission Accomplished" as he spoke aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1, 2003, to mark the end of "major combat operations" in Iraq after just over a month of fighting.

President Trump doubled down on his use of the term 'Mission Accomplished, ' which he included in a tweet about Syria Saturday morning. If the strikes were meant to deter Assad from using chemical weapons again, then they would have been more widespread, targeting a far greater number of chemical and military installations, and without the substantial warning that was given.

Trump's tweet Saturday appeared to be referring to the success of the strike, but whether or not the Assad regime will be deterred from using chemical weapons remains to be seen. But I think it accurately summed up where we were at the time, mission accomplished... the mission was to topple Saddam Hussein.

The nighttime Syria assault was carefully limited to minimize civilian casualties and avoid direct conflict with Syria's key ally, Russia, but confusion arose over the extent to which Washington warned Moscow in advance. Mattis said that no follow-up strikes are planned, adding that the Pentagon was careful to ensure the safety of Russian and Syrian civilians nearby.

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Russian Federation has army forces, together with air defenses, in a number of areas of Syria to assist President Bashar Assad in his lengthy battle in opposition to anti-government rebels.

Russian Federation and Iran called the use of force by the United States and its allies a "military crime" and "act of aggression".

Assad denies he has used chemical weapons, and the Trump administration has yet to present hard evidence of what it says precipitated the allied missiles attack: a chlorine gas attack on civilians in Douma on April 7. In the bigger picture other interests and objectives are at play, and the using the plight of the Syrian people to legitimise military intervention, making way for a possible shift in the U.S.'s Syria policy if the situation demands it.

Dana W. White, the chief Pentagon spokeswoman, mentioned that to her information nobody within the Protection Division communicated with Moscow prematurely, aside from the acknowledged use of a military-to-military hotline that has routinely helped reduce the chance of U.S.

"Good souls won't be humiliated", Assad tweeted, whereas a whole lot of Syrians gathered in Damascus, the capital, the place they flashed victory indicators and waved flags in scenes of defiance after the early morning barrage. The military said there were three targets: the Barzah chemical weapons research and development site in the Damascus area, a chemical weapons storage facility near Homs and a chemical weapons "bunker" a few miles from the second target.

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McKenzie admitted the strike did not wipe out all of the Syrian regime's chemical weapons capabilities.

Both Russia and Iran condemned the airstrikes, with Russian military officials claiming Saturday that the Syrian military had shot down more than 70 missiles. The NATO alliance gave its full backing; NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the attack was about ensuring that chemical weapons can not be used with impunity. The stated goal of America's military presence in Syria remains the defeat of the Islamic State.

MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid tweeted, "Saying "mission accomplished" always works out well for presidents".

"We of course know our work in Syria is not done", U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said on "Fox News Sunday".

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