What is Buruli ulcer? Know about the flesh-eating bacteria spreading in Australia

Flesh Eating Disease On The Rise In Victoria

Flesh-eating ulcer on the rise in Victoria

The third edition of Tropical Infectious Diseases describes Mycobacterium ulcerans infection - otherwise known as the Buruli ulcer - as a "necrotizing infection of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, and bone". "Victoria" where "the community is facing a worsening epidemic, defined by cases rapidly increasingly in number, becoming more severe in nature and occurring in new geographic regions".

The tissue-destroying ulcer, commonly found in Africa, has reached epidemic proportions in regional parts of Victoria.

"In 2016, there were 182 new cases - the highest ever reported by 72 per cent". In 2017, up to mid-November, there were a further 236 cases.

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The doctors write that although cases of Buruli ulcer has been diagnosed in Australia since 1948, efforts to control it have been hampered because its "mode of transmission" remains unknown. For this reason, it's not clear why the number of cases in Australia is increasing. "This uncertainty is epitomized by the World Health Organization (WHO), which notes that the type of people that are infected, and the fact the disease specifically manifests itself in a case-by-case way, "[varies] considerably within and across different countries and settings".

"It is hard to prevent a disease when it is not known how infection is acquired", write the authors, led by Dr. Daniel O'Brien, an associate professor of infectious diseases at the University of Melbourne. The condition is most common in regions with tropical, subtropical and temperate climates.

"All age groups, including young children, are affected, and the emotional and psychological impact on patients and their carers is substantial". "Most cases are diagnosed in the winter months but infection may have actually occurred in summer", said Sanjaya Senanayake, associate professor of medicine at The Australian National University previous year when commenting on the recent rise in cases.

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"Explanations of its spread in humans include theories that "(insect) bites, environmental contamination or trauma" may play a role, and both mosquitoes and possums are posited as carriers.

The ulcer can be treated with antibiotics, but patients end up paying about $14,000 each, because the drugs are not covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and many sufferers also require plastic surgery.

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