Thompson teachers rally before, after school

Teachers used Friday's demonstration to oppose the OEA's back to work order

Teachers used Friday's demonstration to oppose the OEA's back to work order

The Surrey School District has 125 elementary and secondary schools with more that 70,000 students enrolled. Teachers in other states saw what could be gained by protesting a system that hurt them and were emboldened to fight for student necessities and fair wages and benefits. Teachers already have pressured state politicians into considering other means of funding public schools including two new tax measures. Galvanized by successful wage hike protests in Arizona and West Virginia, union members expect around 400 teachers to lobby lawmakers for change. In 2016, Colorado ranked 46th in the country for average teachers' salary, according to a report by the National Education Association. However, teachers said this was not enough and have asked for a $10,000 raise and additional school funding.

Some educators, including Berryhill Public Schools teacher Christina Floyd, have been at the Capitol every day since April 2. A day they hope will show signs of progress.

Watch SpaceX launch an observatory to hunt alien planets
Space X will attempt to land the first stage of the rocket on the "Of course I still love you" drone ship offshore. Using balloons to salvage the upper stage would allow the aerospace firm to re-use the module on future missions.

Waddington, who works in the non-profit sector, said she has seen "firsthand" how overcrowding in schools and lack of capital infrastructures and space limits students' access to library time, sports clubs, gym time and even bathrooms.

School buses are rolling and school bells are ringing.

New J. Cole Album Coming This Week
On top of that, MissInfo reports that the album has three different subtitles and suggests that there are 12 songs on it. Naturally, Twitter had all kinds of things to say about a new, surprise J.

Teachers in Arizona are voting this week on whether to stage a classroom walkout, after previously conducting several walk-in protests in which they demonstrated outside their respective schools before walking in with students to conduct classes. Just last week, Oklahoma legislature voted to provide an average raise of $6,000 per year to teachers.

"I guarantee you somewhere in Kentucky today a child was sexually assaulted that was left at home because there was nobody there to watch them", Bevin told reporters Friday.

Several States Complain Of A Cash Crunch, Residents Worried
Despite the currency flow going back to the pre-demonetisation levels, people are facing difficulty in withdrawing cash from ATMs. The Government has formed a state-wise committee and RBI also formed a committee to transfer currency from one state to other.

The sad state of the education sector doesn't affect the rich.

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