Coffee Use in Pregnancy Tied to Greater Risk of Obesity in Kids

Coffee Use in Pregnancy Tied to Greater Risk of Obesity in Kids

Coffee Use in Pregnancy Tied to Greater Risk of Obesity in Kids

Various studies have linked being overweight in childhood to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes later in life.

Professor Sengpiel said: 'There may be good cause to increase the restriction of the recommended maximum of three cups of coffee per day. "Caffeine is not a medicine that needs to be consumed".

In the end it became known that children whose mothers consumed caffeine during pregnancy subject to more abrupt the possibility of obesity in preschool and school age. In studies on animals, embryos that were exposed to caffeine showed an increased risk of cardiometabolic disease and growth.

The National Food Agency, Sweden recommends pregnant women to limit daily caffeine intake to 300 milligrams.

Caffeine is the world's most widely consumed central nervous system stimulant.

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'After ingestion, caffeine is readily absorbed into the bloodstream and distributed to the tissues.

'During pregnancy, elimination of caffeine is prolonged and it rapidly passes all biological membranes, including the blood-brain and placenta barriers, resulting in exposure of the foetus'.

For example, at age five, the share of children who were overweight or obese was five percent greater in the group whose mothers had the highest caffeine consumption in the study, compared to those whose mothers had the lowest caffeine consumption. The study, which involved analysing information on 50 943 pregnant women, was carried out by researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy in Sweden in collaboration with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Only very high caffeine consumption is associated with obesity beyond eight years old.

In terms of caffeine's source, Professor Sengpiel said: 'In the Nordic countries, coffee is the primary source, while, women in, for example, England receive the greatest amount of caffeine from black tea.

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'We included different sources in the study and found a similar association between caffeine consumption from these different sources and children's growth'.

'If you look at mothers in the younger age group, it comes from energy drinks.

Scientists do not stopped at one coffee and made a decision to consider also tea, chocolate and other products containing caffeine. So, if you're pregnant, you may want to avoid or pay more attention to the amount of caffeine you take daily.

One mug of instant coffee contains 100mg of caffeine, a mug of filter coffee has 140mg, a cup of tea 75mg, a can of Pepsi 37.6mg and a can of Red Bull 30mg.

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