Harvey Birdman Returns For Adult Swim TV Special

Adult Swim Resurrecting 'Harvey Birdman' With Stephen Colbert and Gary Cole

Harvey Birdman Appointed Attorney General in New Special

Harvey Birdman is back from hiatus and is returning to television with a very big promotion.

The proceedings are set for this fall at Adult Swim but no official premiere date has been set at this time.

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In the special, megalomaniac billionaire - and Sebben & Sebben law firm co-founder - Phil Ken Sebben is the president of the United States, and (of course) has selected Harvey Birdman as his attorney general. His first act as AG is to try to find a way to remove President Phil Ken Sebben from office, "before everyone starts to worry it's more than the ridiculous plot to an animated show".

Representing Harvey Birdman will be Gary Cole. Mentok the Mindtaker is represented by John Michael Higgins. Paget Brewster is spokesperson for Birdgirl and Peter Potamus by Chris Edgerly, while X the Eliminator and Black Vulcan will be represented by Peter MacNicol and Phil LaMarr, respectively.

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Harvey Birdman co-creators Erik Richter Michael Ouweleen will serve as executive producers along with Richard Ferguson-Hull and Evan Adler.

Almost 11 years after the conclusion of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, the former superhero turned lawyer for the cartoon elite will return for a half-hour animated special, Harvey Birdman, Attorney General. "Wait, not amusing because it's true", said co-creator Michael Ouweleen.

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Harvey Birdman, Attorney General will be a half- hour special feature and will bring back all of the beloved Harvey Birdman/Space Ghost/Hanna-Barbera characters with their original voice actors. Despite running for seven years, the show only has four seasons.

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