Kevin Love confident Cavs' shooting will improve in Game 2

Kawakami Why the Warriors might not start the Hamptons 5 in Game 1

Kawakami Why the Warriors might not start the Hamptons 5 in Game 1

Lue wouldn't commit to Thompson starting Game 2 on Tuesday, but the coach cited his success against the 6-foot-10 Horford, who's averaging 17.2 points and 8.3 rebounds this postseason, as a reason for the possible switch. "We weighed it before the series started, but we'd won seven out of eight and we weren't going to adjust until someone beat us and we didn't play well with that lineup that got us to this point". When asked if he takes getting outscored 60-38 in the paint personally, he started to answer before the question was finished. "In the pick and rolls, they were able to get downhill a lot, so we've got to clean that up". "We'll watch the film and try to get better". He's ready to take on Horford, 31, a five-time All-Star with the Atlanta Hawks and Celtics. They're a very good team. "If you can't get up to play All-Star bigs, then I have nothing to tell you. You have to give them credit for their defense but we also have to be better".

"Game 1 has always been a feel-out game for me, if you've ever followed my history", he said.

April weather dampens footfall on high streets
BRC chief Helen Dickinson said changing shopping habits and tough trading were weighing on high streets. Following a 6% fall in March, footfall has seen an unprecedented drop of 4.8% over the two months.

Thompson's strategy against Horford doesn't sound complicated. "Just try to work [Horford] on both ends so hopefully by the second half his legs might be a little exhausted where he might not make that 3 that he makes in the first half". "We didn't play well [in Game 1] with that lineup that got us to this point".

"I mean, 3-point shot is a part of our DNA", James said. "I don't think we were soft defensively. They were basically doing the same thing we're doing, but they executed better than we did".

Brazil name injured Neymar in World Cup squad
After sweeping aside South American opponents in the World Cup qualifiers, Brazil are seen as one of the favourites at the World Cup.

"They were shots we usually make at a lot higher clip than we shot yesterday", said Love. Will LeBron, Thompson and the Cavs have answers? "The 3-point shot has been a big part since we pretty much assembled this team four years ago, and I think it's going to be a big part of it throughout the series, as long as we continue to get the ball moving and guys feel in good rhythm".

"I thought it was similar to Game 1 against the Pacers", Korver said. If we're able to do that, we'll be able set a tone early.

Rare two-headed deer found in forest
Healthy twin fawns are the rule rather than the exception, because most adult does give birth to twins, D'Angelo said. Among domestic wildlife, only 19 cases of conjoined twins were found between 1671 and 2006, D'Angelo said.

"You have to keep shooting them when they are there".

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