Seoul reopens probe into North Korean women who defected

S. Korea Hopes to Hold High-level Talks with N. Korea Week

Seoul reopens probe into North Korean women who defected

This is a first for the relationship between North Korea and South Korea since, before that, the only experience the North had for K-pop was loud border speakers blasting K-pop songs to them which they even considered as an act of war.

He was not identified but said he had carried out the group's escape with the help of South Korea's National Intelligence Service. North Korea has accused South Korea of abducting the 12 women who were working in China and demanded their return.

But he admitted the South had never interviewed them after their arrival in 2016. Though for some artists like Cho Yong Pil and YB's Yoon Do Hyun, this might not be new since they were also invited to the welcoming feast of Korea's summit.

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This was confirmed by four women who told the same TV channel they were part of the group.

A liberal lawyers' group plans to lodge a complaint with prosecutors on Monday against former President Park Geun-hye and her top aides over allegations that Seoul's intelligence agency engineered a 2016 mass defection by a dozen North Korean restaurant workers. North Korea often makes extreme claims about defectors, accusing the South of kidnapping them or describing them as fleeing after committing freaky crimes. "For now, I can only say there's a need to confirm whether these claims are true".

She also said there must be "airtight" coordination between South Korea and the United States ahead of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un historic meeting on June 12th.

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They often work long hours and have little contact with the world outside the restaurant.

North Korea runs more than 100 restaurants in other countries, where the mission is to earn foreign currency and provide a much-needed source of income for the financially-isolated country. This may not be as historical as their visit to North Korea to perform for Kim Jong Un, but it still is a big honor for the K-pop industry as the forefront of modern South Korean culture.

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