São estes os Games with Gold de novembro, 2017

A partir do dia 1 de Novembro, poderás descarregar Trackmania Turbo sem qualquer custo adicional para a tua Xbox One . Aliás, pode ser uma boa opção para quem gosta de jogar no modo cooperativo local - até dois jogadores podem controlar o mesmo carro. [Artigo completo...]

Bizarre Sonic Forces demo hits Nintendo Switch

Bizarre Sonic Forces demo hits Nintendo Switch Like the Switch version, the PS4 one offers a very limited look on a Modern Sonic stage, a boss battle against Eggman, and an Avatar Level that will let you try out the brand new Wispon gadgets using a randomly generated avatar. It's likely the account creation will take longer than the demo, though. It seems quite excessive in requirements for such a minimal gameplay experience. [Artigo completo...]

Instagram introduces new "Superzoom" feature

Instagram introduces new It can be found alongside the existing Boomerang , live video, and rewind features within Instagram's camera. Instagram users have already been recording this type of videos using the built-in zoom feature on the Instagram camera. [Artigo completo...]

Temer diz em vídeo que a "verdade venceu"

Temer diz em vídeo que a Reforçando o mote que quer implementar nesta "terceira fase" do seu governo, Temer diz no vídeo que "o Brasil é sempre maior do que qualquer desafio". A economia voltou a crescer depois da maior recessão da nossa história. "Os resultados já são visíveis", completou. O presidente também agradeceu o apoio recebido dos parlamentares. [Artigo completo...]

Best Buy offers important discounts on various Apple Watch Series 2 models

So the only possible explanation can be that users might have to wait for other future watchOS updates to get the feature. Interestingly, other changes and features were also revealed by the leaked notes. The publication also pointed out that since these are not the final release notes, Apple could still include new features and tweaks to the final watchOS 4 .1 version prior to its public rol... [Artigo completo...]

Surface Phone is real, reportedly coming next year

Surface Phone is real, reportedly coming next year The Surface Phone will also support telephony capabilities, it will be a flawless replacement for your smartphone and laptop at the same time. The Redmond giant is reportedly testing a foldable device called " Surface Phone ", "Surface Note" or "Surface Journal". [Artigo completo...]

$1.3M auction bid buys Albert Einstein's theory of happiness

A note that Albert Einstein gave to a courier in Tokyo, briefly describing his theory on happy living, has surfaced after 95 years and is up for auction in Jerusalem. He would not identify the buyer or seller of either note. Either way, Einstein didn't want the messenger to leave empty-handed, so he wrote him two notes by hand in German, according to the seller, a relative of the messenger. [Artigo completo...]

Reddit shuts down Nazi forums in clampdown on 'violent content'

Reddit shuts down Nazi forums in clampdown on 'violent content' Shortly after CEO Ellen Pao resigned in 2015, Reddit showed it wasn't afraid to ban subreddits it deemed objectionable. Per BuzzFeed News, the number of affected subreddits was up to 10 , and included such aptly-named darlings as r/Nazi, r/EuropeanNationalism, r/pol, r/racoonsareniggers and r/whitesarecriminals. [Artigo completo...]

No more Toyota diesels, says boss

Don't expect Toyota to stop all diesel sales at once though, as some of the company's models are created to use diesel power and are offered as diesel vehicles in Europe, like the Land Cruiser and Hilux offroaders, as well as the Proace light commercial vehicle. [Artigo completo...]

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) passes through Geekbench with 6GB of RAM

We posted earlier in the year about the Galaxy A5 2018 leaking, as well as apparent confirmation of the whole Galaxy A series line-up being rebooted, so it's not too surprising then to hear that the higher-tier model has also now leaked. The smartphone was listed running Android 7.1.1 Nougat out-of-the-box, which is a bit disappointing considering the smartphone will be launched in 2018. [Artigo completo...]

Renault Captur crossover to be launched in India by November first week

Renault Captur crossover to be launched in India by November first week To be pitted against the new Jeep Compass and Hyundai Creta, the Renault Captur is based on the same platform as that of the Duster. Renault has commenced the production of CAPTUR and is preparing for a festive season launch, with bookings open from September 22 on the Renault CAPTUR App. [Artigo completo...]

Kristen Bell Says 'Veronica Mars' Miniseries Is 'Going to Happen'

Kristen Bell Says 'Veronica Mars' Miniseries Is 'Going to Happen' Hansen was promoting his YouTube Red series Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television via a chat with Indiewire , and took the time during the conversation to call up Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell , so she could too could confirm she was very interested in continuing the series in some way. [Artigo completo...]

Destiny 2 - Bungie diz que alguns jogadores foram banidos por engano

Destiny 2 - Bungie diz que alguns jogadores foram banidos por engano No entanto, pelas informações da Bungie ao que tudo parece o problema quanto aos banimentos indevidos de jogadores no Destiny 2 para PC já foi resolvido. Não foram avançados dados sobre o que teria originado o erro ou quantos jogadores foram afetados pelo erro, mas ainda assim, a mensagem confirma que alguns dos que se queixavam de terem sido banidos injustamente, teriam razão. [Artigo completo...]

LG Joins Amazon's Expanded Lineup of Prime Exclusive Phones

LG Joins Amazon's Expanded Lineup of Prime Exclusive Phones It's certainly nice to see the G6 Plus as part of Amazon's Prime-exclusive phone lineup, since there was no previous indication of the phone making its way to the US. The LG G6 + is available for $499.99 for Prime members, and is unlocked on major wireless carriers, including AT&T , T-Mobile, and Verizon. 4GB RAM sits beside 32GB internal storage, and LG still includes a microSD-card slot in i... [Artigo completo...]

Verizon offers 4K video streaming for $10 extra per month

Sure, other carriers have similar quality caps as well, but Verizon is now the most expensive of the big four. As we previously reported, the video throttling rules Verizon put into effect this summer-720p video streams on phones and 1080p on tablets-affect all customers, not just those on an unlimited plan. [Artigo completo...]

Adolescente é suspeito de matar a mãe estrangulada em Orobó

Adolescente é suspeito de matar a mãe estrangulada em Orobó Segundo informações da polícia, o jovem também teria golpeado Luzinete Severina da Silva, que ficou inconsciente. Conforme a rádio Jornal Pernambuco, o adolescente teria envolvimento com traficantes e queria dinheiro para comprar droga. [Artigo completo...]

Domino's Pizza, Inc. (DPZ)

Typically, the higher the current ratio the better, as the company may be more capable of paying back its obligations. Finding the next big victor may take a lot of market research. The MF Rank (aka the Magic Formula) is a formula that pinpoints a valuable company trading at a good price. Looking at some ROIC (Return on Invested Capital) numbers, Domino's Pizza, Inc. [Artigo completo...]

Jubilant FoodWorks Q2 PAT more than doubles to Rs 48.4 cr

Net sales during the quarter under review grew 9.17 per cent to Rs 726.63 crore as against Rs 665.54 crore in the year ago period. The key highlights of the quarter's performance were Q2 FY18 saw the rollout of GST and JFL ensured that all benefits resulting from this were passed on to consumers across the country, upgraded Domino's App with improved functionalities, leading to a strong growth... [Artigo completo...]

Xbox Games With Gold November 2017 Line-Up Revealed

Xbox Games With Gold November 2017 Line-Up Revealed Alongside this Free Play Days promotion, the regular version of XCOM 2 has been reduced from £44.99 to £18.00. Additionally, XCOM 2 will offer a variety of new content including five updated soldier classes, increased soldier customization, more alien and enemy types, evolved tactical combat and more. [Artigo completo...]

Reach for the Stars: Pope Francis Calls International Space Station

Reach for the Stars: Pope Francis Calls International Space Station Astronaut Randolph Bresnik of the U.S. commands the current, 53rd ISS expedition, which has a complement of 5 mission specialists: Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli; Russian astronauts Sergey Ryanzansky and Alexander Misurkin; and USA astronauts Joe Acaba and Mark Vande Hei. [Artigo completo...]

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