Google brings fast wireless headphone Bluetooth pairing to Android

But what if your Android phone could automatically detect a nearby Bluetooth headphone (or speaker, or vehicle, or mouse, etc) and pair it with a single tap? Here's how it works: once Fast Pair is enabled, Android will scan for BLE broadcasts close to your device and discovers a Fast Pair packet. [Artigo completo...]

World of Final Fantasy Heading to Steam in November

Don't go too overboard on the goodies there, Square Enix. Lighthearted and unique while paying homage to the long tradition of its franchise, the game is one of Square Enix's most inventive recent projects. However, bringing it to Steam will bring it to an entirely new audience. Surprise! Did you think everything was announced for this year? The Day One edition includes extra digital content, ... [Artigo completo...]

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrunds chega dia 12 de dezembro à Xbox One

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrunds chega dia 12 de dezembro à Xbox One Esta ainda não é a versão final do jogo, já que o programa de preview é essencialmente a versão do Xbox para o acesso antecipado do Steam, mas isso vai permitir que os donos do console comecem a jogar o popular battle royale pela primeira vez. [Artigo completo...]

Google Docs error locks out users

Google Docs error locks out users Google's response is the same each time: "The team has been made aware of this issue and is now investigating". But the official Google Docs Twitter account have said they are aware of the problems users are experiencing and are investigating it. [Artigo completo...]

Gopro Inc Cl A Cmn (GPRO) Stock Closed at $10.34

Longbow Research upgraded shares of GoPro from a "neutral" rating to a "buy" rating and raised their price objective for the company from $9.60 to $13.00 in a research report on Wednesday, October 18th. Charles J. Prober, Chief Operating Officer reported the sale of 24,918 shares of ( GPRO ). The shares were sold at an average price of $14.16, for a total transaction of $137,408.64. [Artigo completo...]

India's first Jurassic ichthyosaur fossil found in Gujarat

India's first Jurassic ichthyosaur fossil found in Gujarat A team of researchers led by Guntupalli Prasad from the University of Delhi's Department of Geology discovered the near-complete remains of the marine reptile, measuring nearly 5.5m in length, in the Kutch region of Gujarat . But there's still a lot of work to be done on the specimen, said Dean Lomax, a paleontologist and visiting scientist at the University of Manchester, in the United Kingdom. [Artigo completo...]

Amazon Prime Video tem desconto especial para assinantes brasileiros

Os clientes que já assinam o serviço também terão direito ao preço inicial por seis meses caso atualizem sua conta existente com o método de pagamento local. Na seção de filmes da plataforma os assinantes podem conferir sucessos recentes do cinema, a exemplo de Valerian e Cidade dos Mil Planetas . O aplicativo do Amazon Prime Video também está disponível para download pela Xbox Store no B... [Artigo completo...]

IPhone X chega ao Brasil com preços a partir de R$ 6.999

IPhone X chega ao Brasil com preços a partir de R$ 6.999 Se você quiser mais espaço no seu celular, poderá pagar um pouco mais pela versão de 256 GB: o aparelho com essa capacidade está custando R$ 7.800. Nos Estados Unidos, os modelos custa, respectivamente, US$ 999 e US$ 1.149 - ou R$ 3.279 e R$ 3.765, na cotação de hoje do dólar. [Artigo completo...]

Super Mario Odyssey vendeu 2 milhões de cópias em 3 dias

Super Mario Odyssey vendeu 2 milhões de cópias em 3 dias O aclamado Super Mario Odyssey , lançado na última sexta-feira (27) para o Nintendo Switch , está surpreendendo não apenas pela sua excelente recepção na imprensa especializada e pelos jogadores. O único revés da Nintendo tem sido com o lançamento de Super Mario Run . Embora conte com mais de 200 milhões de downloads, o game para iOS , posteriormente distribuído também para Android , não ... [Artigo completo...]

WatchOS 4.1 Rolls Out with Apple Music, Radio Streaming

The latest software update for the Apple Watch , watchOS 4.1, is now available for all users to download. In our hands-on with LTE music streaming earlier this month, we felt the update made the Series 3 feel much more like a standalone device, especially when it came to fitness. [Artigo completo...]

'Monster' planet discovery stuns scientists

'Monster' planet discovery stuns scientists The NGTS is comprised of an array of 12 individual telescopes that continuously observe the sky in an effort to detect transiting exoplanets orbiting distant, bright stellar bodies. The enormous planet is only a few million miles away from its star and finishes an orbit in about two and a half Earth days. "Small stars are actually the most common in the universe, so it is possible that there are m... [Artigo completo...]

World of Final Fantasy is Coming to PC

The game encompasses all of the eras of the series and is considered a "family-friendly RPG". On November 21, World of Final Fantasy will make its debut on PC, nearly exactly one year since its release on the PS4 and PlayStation Vita. In this world of stacking objects, the sky is truly the limit! Even better, protagonists and siblings Reynn and Lann will be treated to the typical Steam enhance... [Artigo completo...]

Bharti Airtel profit beats expectations despite 77% slump

In an indication of how Airtel tried to retain its customers from moving to Reliance Jio's network, mobile data usage per customer during the quarter rose 308% to 4.08 GB per month as compared to 1 GB during the year ago period. Net debt excluding the deferred payment liabilities to the Telecom Department and finance lease obligations increased by Rs 2,554 crore sequentially in the quarter, the ... [Artigo completo...]

Funcionário da Microsoft instala Chrome após Edge fracassar

Funcionário da Microsoft instala Chrome após Edge fracassar Um acontecimento durante uma apresentação de um funcionário da Microsoft sobre o browser Edge chamou a atenção e foi para no YouTube. O funcionário Michael Leworthy durante uma apresentação da plataforma Cloud Azure , estava apresentando aos clientes a facilidade em migrar as suas plataformas e dados para o Azure quando o Edge parou de funcionar e ele precisou instalar o Chrome . [Artigo completo...]

BB: perícia diz que há fraude em 9 de cada 10 financiamentos

BB: perícia diz que há fraude em 9 de cada 10 financiamentos Deflagrada hoje em cinco Estados brasileiros - São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso, Espírito Santo e Goiás - a operação combate desvio de verbas públicas ocorrido, segundo a PF, por meio de fraudes em financiamentos agrícolas no BB entre 2012 e 2015. [Artigo completo...]

Saratoga Research & Investment Management Sells 7573 Shares of Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

It closed at $83.89 lastly. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT ) has risen 34.52% since October 31, 2016 and is uptrending. Korea Investment Corp now controls 6,114,832 shares worth $455,494,000. As per Tuesday, November 10, the company rating was maintained by Stifel Nicolaus. The company was upgraded on Friday, August 21 by Vetr . Outstanding shares refer to a company's stock presently held ... [Artigo completo...]

8-bit Super Mario Stickers Now Available For iMessage

8-bit Super Mario Stickers Now Available For iMessage This denouement is an acknowledgment of how poorly Peach has been treated by the Mario games, and it contains a message, perhaps, to Nintendo: Bowser's ritual princess kidnappings have trapped Mario , too. But while Super Mario 64 had a total of 120 stars, with each world hosting seven, Super Mario Odyssey many Moons. The last of the coins are hidden inside the last of the secret doors. [Artigo completo...]

Jupiter's Auroras Exhibit a Strange Asymmetrical Behavior

Jupiter's Auroras Exhibit a Strange Asymmetrical Behavior But that is not the case on Jupiter where the massive and intense auroras of the gas giant pulse independently of each other. The particles collide with ions in the atmosphere, and the extra energy excites the atoms, which is eventually emitted as electromagnetic radiation, producing the lights seen in auroras. [Artigo completo...]

Income Tax officials stumble upon cricket betting racket

The I-T dept has recovered mini telephone exchanges, 27 mobile phones and dish antennas from the house. Apart from an upscale locality of Gurgaon , the Income Tax officials on Monday morning conducted multiple raids in Goa, Delhi, Noida and Kolkata in connection to the same case. [Artigo completo...]

PlayStation 4 alcança 67,5 milhões de unidades enviadas às lojas

PlayStation 4 alcança 67,5 milhões de unidades enviadas às lojas Desde logo ficamos a saber que foram enviadas mais 4.2 milhões de unidades para os retalhistas, o que coloca os totais nuns impressionantes 67.5 milhões de PlayStation 4 expedidas em todo o globo, os últimos resultados tornados públicos no trimestre anterior tinham falavam em 63.3 milhões de máquinas expedidas. [Artigo completo...]

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