World athletics championships in London hit by stomach bug outbreak

World athletics championships in London hit by stomach bug outbreak Having recorded a time of 43.84 last month in Monaco, Makwala was considered the main rival to world-record holder and reigning Olympic and world champion Wayde van Niekerk . The bug is easily spread, partly because it can survive for several days outside the body. The London hotel hosting World Championships athletes suffering from gastroenteritis - including Ireland's Thomas Barr - was "not... [Artigo completo...]

Red Moon rising: Photos from the partial lunar eclipse

Red Moon rising: Photos from the partial lunar eclipse But as demand for these glasses has skyrocketed, scams have entered the market. There are some fake glasses out there, so to be sure you're safe check out this list of known safe vendors that is maintained by the American Astronomical Society . [Artigo completo...]

Solar eclipse could bring lights out at United States photovoltaic plants

Without glasses, the sun's rays could cause permanent damage to your eyes. They include 7-Eleven, Best Buy, Lowe's and Walmart. The eclipse will darken most of the bright sun in Atlanta on August 21, but not all of it. For more information, head to the Science Center's website here. This image was taken during a 2002 total solar eclipse. Butler's observatory will also NASA-approved glasses for... [Artigo completo...]

Chinese man stopped at bus station with two human arms in bag

Chinese man stopped at bus station with two human arms in bag We all know the things we're not supposed to travel with: firearms, knives, exotic animals, explosives and so on. Permissions can be granted for the transportation of organs and parts of human bodies - but it is usually prohibited in public transport "for the sake of hygiene", according to the staff of the station, quoted by the newspaper. [Artigo completo...]

Two-thirds see North Korea as a very serious threat — CNN Poll

Two-thirds see North Korea as a very serious threat — CNN Poll A US strike against North Korea would need the support of South Korea, he said, because the North would likely retaliate against the South and its 600,000 troops. For North Korea, having a nuclear-tipped missile that could strike America would be the ultimate guarantee against invasion by its superpower adversary and is an ambition decades in the making. [Artigo completo...]

Nokia 8 Leaks in Live Images with Benchmark Results

We're likely just a week away from the Nokia 8's launch, but that hasn't stopped new leaks rolling in, with today's taking the form of several shots of the phone, complete with benchmark results onscreen, revealing various specs. The benchmarks show that Nokia 8 will be running on Android 7.1.1 Nougat. This was also the case last month, when the Nokia 6 actually beat the Pixel and Google's sec... [Artigo completo...]

Android Nougat is now available on 13.5 percent of active devices

Last month the similar data had suggested that Android 7.0 Nougat was present on 10.6% of devices while the Android 7.1 Nougat version was present on 0.9% of total Android devices that checked into Google Play, taking the overall percentage to 11.5%. [Artigo completo...]

Dry today, chance of rain on Sunday

Dry today, chance of rain on Sunday We forecast occasional showers and thunderstorms across the state today and tonight with potential for heavy rain in spots. That rain is moving to the east-northeast toward the Twin Cities area and should arrive by late morning. Weak tropical wave 500 miles east of Leeward Islands is having a hard time developing. The other system that needs to be watched is Invest 99-L in the Atlantic whi... [Artigo completo...]

Woman shares images of what dirty makeup brushes did to her face

Woman shares images of what dirty makeup brushes did to her face The photographs that Katie included showed a dramatic swelling in her face over the course of 48 hours - and it's not all that uncommon, as one commenter proved when she included a picture of her sister, who got the same infection. She went on to say that she believes this most likely happened because of bacteria on her eyebrow pencil brush. "It's a small thing to do to avoid a painful, expensive,... [Artigo completo...]

Gionee A1 Lite launched in India: Specs, features and pricing

Gionee A1 Lite launched in India: Specs, features and pricing The latest launched smartphone Gionee A1 Lite comes with a price tag of Rs.14,999 which will be made available from August 10 for purchase in all retail stores. In terms of optics, the new Gionee A1 Lite houses a 13-megapixel rear camera with an f/2.0 aperture and an LED flash module. Powered by 4-cell technology, the front camera captures more light than before resulting clearer and more lovely... [Artigo completo...]

Samsung debuts rugged Galaxy S8 Active with larger battery

Samsung's plan for the 2019 Galaxy S9 is to fit a bigger battery inside it. "We are making preparation for mass-production of SLPs in order to supply them to Samsung Electronics for its next Smartphone", the report quoted a representative for a PCB manufacturer. [Artigo completo...]

The Lenovo K8 Note is an impressive offering for the price

The Lenovo K8 Note is an impressive offering for the price Lenovo will stream the launch live on YouTube, The device is expected to go on sale as an Amazon exclusive. The highlight of the smartphone is its dual camera setup consisting of a 13MP and a 5MP sensor alongside a dual tone flash. 343 and Moto sports headphones at just Rs. 699. The K8 Note is the first smartphone from Lenovo to ship with a near stock build of Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of t... [Artigo completo...]

Athletes at World Athletics Championships hit by gastro outbreak

Athletes at World Athletics Championships hit by gastro outbreak Some of the athletes have been quarantined at the hotel in a bid to stop the spread of the highly contagious disease. For if you were designing the flawless sprinter, he would look a great deal like the self-deprecating 25-year-old from Bloemfontein. [Artigo completo...]

Samsung Galaxy S9 To Use SLP Mainboard

However, seeing as how they will run into the same complications of not being able to fit in large battery capacities, they too will have to adapt accordingly or risk incorporating smaller cells. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is just around the corner but we're already hearing rumors of the Galaxy S9 and how it may have an even bigger battery than the Galaxy S8. [Artigo completo...]

Fearing Trump Censorship, Govt. Scientists Leak Alarming Climate Report

However, key positions involved in vetting the report, such as the presidential science adviser, have gone unfilled by Trump. Developed by dozens of federal scientists and top climate researchers from universities across the nation, the final version of the technical report was planned to be published around October and feed into the next installment of the so-called National Climate Assessment... [Artigo completo...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 reportedly to get in-display fingerprint sensor, not…

But of course, we in the industry know that the closer the release date, the more intense the rumors and leaks become. Till now, we have seen plenty of leaks of this upcoming phone from Samsung . The Note 8 will have less rounded corners and comes with the S Pen . Elsewhere on the internet, Roland Quandt has uncovered another interesting thing about the Galaxy Note 8 . [Artigo completo...]

Leaked Climate Change Report Published Prior To Approval From Trump Administration

It was compiled by scientists from 13 different federal agencies, and focuses on the fact that temperatures in the US have raised at a staggering pace since 1980. It's true the United States was working toward zero emissions at a quicker rate than countries like China, but the US also has much more infrastructure already in place to aid in achieving that goal. [Artigo completo...]

Spotify makes its Xbox One debut

Spotify makes its Xbox One debut The big difference between the services, which is a huge draw for many, is that Spotify has a Family Plan for $14.99 per month that can be shared with five family members at the same address. You can use Spotify Connect in the phone app to pick and choose songs without having to leave the game you're playing. Microsoft has also updated Clubs, Profiles and Game Hubs to make them more dynamic,... [Artigo completo...]

How to avoid buying 'bogus' solar eclipse glasses

But occasionally, the geometry lines up correctly for people somewhere on earth to see some part of the moon's shadow on earth where a solar eclipse is visible . "It changes, but slowly, and in two minutes you can't really see changes that we want to study in the solar wind", he adds. The rare event offers educational opportunities for everyone, however. [Artigo completo...]

FACT CHECK: brightest meteor shower approaching

FACT CHECK: brightest meteor shower approaching Whether you're on NASA's payroll or a total layman, the Perseid meteor shower is not to be missed. Look north towards the constellation Perseus. The best way to see the Perseids is to go outside between midnight and dawn on the morning of August 12th. [Artigo completo...]

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