The government is handing out 10000 Fitbits to research precision medicine

Fitbit was picked to be part of the NIH's All of USA research program, introduced by President Obama in 2015, which spans across the U.S. and studies how diseases are caused - and can be prevented - by lifestyle, biological and environmental differences. [Artigo completo...]

Luiz Fernando Guimarães faz declaração singela ao maridão

Luiz Fernando Guimarães faz declaração singela ao maridão Nos comentários, os internautas não economizaram elogios. " O amor prevalece ", afirmou outro. "Que a felicidade e a cumplicidade nunca abandonem vocês", desejou mais uma. Discreto quando o assunto é relacionamento, o eterno Rui de Os Normais assumiu publicamente sua homossexualidade há 2 anos , e disse que não tem intenção de levantar bandeiras ou de se tornar defensor da causa LGBT. [Artigo completo...]

New Honda Grazia Scooter Launched In India: Price, Features, Specs, Competitors

New Honda Grazia Scooter Launched In India: Price, Features, Specs, Competitors These all-new scooter models, understood to put premium features on offer once launched , are expected to roll out during Q3 and Q4 this fiscal. Placed higher than the Honda Activa series, this new offering by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India will be its next flagship scooter in India after Honda Activa 125 . [Artigo completo...]

Saturn's Enceladus could be home to underwater ALIENS

Saturn's Enceladus could be home to underwater ALIENS The theory states the core of Enceladus is made of an extremely porous material, which lets the water from this inner ocean to pass through it. However, the satellites are hydrothermal vents. Plumes of the warm, mineral-laden water gush from the seafloor and travel upward, thinning the moon's ice shell from beneath to only half a mile to 3 miles (1 to 5 km) at the south pole. [Artigo completo...]

Vodafone announces new range of postpaid plans

This means that in select Vodafone RED plans, your unused data will get carried forward to the next month. The categories are RED Traveler, RED International, and RED Signature. In addition to all the offers from the RED Traveler pack, the RED International packs offer up to 200 minutes of international calling. You also get 100 SMS (short message services) under this plan. [Artigo completo...]

Apple's Augmented Reality Headset Release Expected In 2020

The tech giant is moving forward with an augmented reality headset that could make its way to store shelves in 2020, Bloomberg is reporting, citing people who claim to have knowledge of its plans. Apple does not have a functional prototype of the AR headset, so instead the team is using HTC Vive headsets to test its software for the time being. [Artigo completo...]

Facebook pede nudes aos utilizadores por uma boa causa

Facebook pede nudes aos utilizadores por uma boa causa Qualquer pessoa que se sentir ameaçada pelo vazamento de imagens impróprias de forma não consensual pode acionar a agência e em seguida enviar suas imagens para o Messenger. Um utilizador da rede social que não deseje ver as suas fotografias/vídeos íntimos ao alcance do público poderá submetê-los previamente para o sistema do Facebook. [Artigo completo...]

Zacks Investment Research Upgrades Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:MSI) to "Buy"

Vanguard Group Inc. now owns 12,381,540 shares of the company's stock valued at $816,811,000 after buying an additional 2,580,735 shares during the last quarter. This represents a $2.08 annualized dividend and a dividend yield of 2.25%. The ex-dividend date is Thursday, December 14th. Motorola Solutions's dividend payout ratio (DPR) is presently 48.08%. [Artigo completo...]

Geothermal heat source behind ice melting in Antarctica

Once it gets through the mantle, it spreads out under the crust, providing magma for volcanic eruptions. The idea was first suggested 30 years ago by a scientist at the University of Colorado Denver - and new seismic imaging has supported the idea. [Artigo completo...]

Media Molecule's Dreams Gets New Teaser, Will Be at PSX

During the big event next month, we will be receiving more information about two upcoming titles: Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima and Media Molecule's Dreams . Will we have news of the Square Enix video game again? "It's going to be massive, it's incredible, we've shown lots of it before", Sony Senior Vice President of Worldwide Studios Michael Denny teased in an interview with VG247. [Artigo completo...]

Volvo XC60 awarded 5-star ANCAP safety rating

Volvo XC60 awarded 5-star ANCAP safety rating The adult occupancy score was nearly ideal at 98 per cent, with the safety assist score also very good at 95 per cent. The other categories - child occupancy and pedestrian safety - were also scored well above average. In fact, at 95 per cent, the XC60's Safety Assist Score was 40 per cent better than the average of cars tested, and Thatcham couldn't even test Volvo's Turn Across Path and Run Off ... [Artigo completo...]

Few Xbox One X Consoles Reportedly Dying After A Few Hours

Few Xbox One X Consoles Reportedly Dying After A Few Hours ARK Survival Evolved will make full use of the Xbox One X's capabilities from today. Our in-depth features cover the latest and greatest, and compliment our celebration of Microsoft's rich gaming heritage across three (and a half!) generations of Xbox consoles. [Artigo completo...]

Expanding Uploads from your Camera Roll

Expanding Uploads from your Camera Roll This is the same feature like Snapchat which is loving by millions of Instagram users as well. You can now add photos and videos to your story, even if you took them more than 24 hours ago. You can now share photos and videos on Instagram Stories from your phone gallery which are more than 24 hours old. This is a stark departure to Instagram Stories' initial focus on ephemeral and live content ... [Artigo completo...]

Telltale demite 90 funcionários como parte de reestruturação

O estúdio afirma que essa mudança de estrutura foi feita para fazer a empresa "mais competitiva como uma desenvolvedora e publicadora de jogos inovadores focados em história com ênfase na alta qualidade pelos anos seguintes". Nós disponibilizados todos os nossos serviços de assistência de carreira para ajudar nossos colegas e amigos afetados - e suas famílias - para lidarem com esta transição difí... [Artigo completo...]

Snap Again Misses Revenue And Growth Expectations On Q3 Earnings

Analysts are disappointed with the American technology and social-media company, which reported year-over-year revenue of $207.9 million, a 62% increase. [Artigo completo...]

Blizzard pode lançar Hearthstone para o Switch

Blizzard pode lançar Hearthstone para o Switch Uma das grandes dúvidas desde o lançamento do Switch é se uma das franquias da Blizzard faria sua aparição no console híbrido , especialmente por ele oferecer tanta conveniência na hora de jogar. [Artigo completo...]

Foxtel cuts the cable with "Now" box, goes 4K (ish)

Foxtel cuts the cable with Netflix is missing at launch, but should come to Foxtel's new streaming box down the track. Telstra's $192 streaming box makes it easy to watch Foxtel Now content, along with a much wider range of other video services. Tonagh said he is in discussions with Netflix to make its service available but that will hinge on whether the U.S. streaming giant is prepared to market its app via Google Pla... [Artigo completo...]

IO Interactive confirms that there's a new Hitman in the works

In June, IO Interactive announced that it has become an independent studio and has complete control over the rights to the " Hitman " IP. There's a new Hitman game in the works, but that's all we're going to know for a while. This is our way of showing our fans and players that we appreciate your continued support and love for our HITMAN 2016 game. While the studio was hit with layoffs e... [Artigo completo...]

Google cria app gerenciador de arquivos

Google cria app gerenciador de arquivos Porém, a companhia não tinha em seu catálogo um gerenciador de arquivos , algo muito pedido por seus usuários. No caso do Files Go , o software faz o trabalho de um gerenciador de arquivos convencional, mas com um alto nível de otimização. [Artigo completo...]

Apple Reportedly Beat Out Samsung In Smartphone Sales Last Quarter

Out of 39.5 million, Apple shipped 12 million phones which is 2.1% less than the 13 million phones sold in a year ago quarter. Q3 has been a strong quarter for Apple and it has even beaten Samsung in sales last quarter in the US. Samsung shipped out a total of 9.9 million smartphones to the U.S., claiming a 25.1 percent share in the market, while Apple shipped 12 million iPhones for 30.... [Artigo completo...]

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